Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

What is Eduporium?

Eduporium is a social enterprise dedicated to the promotion and delivery of educational information technology. Through our online portal, we help K-12 school communities obtain high-quality products with significant discounts. We also give a portion of our profits back to the school, and help connect school communities with local informational technology resources for partnership and knowledge exchange.

There are a LOT of educational technology products. How do I know I’m getting the best?

As parents and technology geeks ourselves, we’ve put a lot of thought into our selection criteria. We look for innovative products and solutions that stimulate creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, and we constantly monitor the educational technology arena for new developments. If you are looking for materials on meaningful educational technology, rest assured that a large part of the Eduporium website is dedicated to making this information available to you. Whatever research we do on products, solutions, education, and technology, we collate and put in the Maker's Corner. We also review current trends and hot topics in educational technology on our Blog.

Can I contact you with ideas for new products or features for existing products?

Yes! Eduporium works closely with both vendors and school communities. We advocate parents’ and teachers’ needs in our communication with our vendors so that they may improve their products. Please contact us with any suggestions you might have.

How securely do you store personal information?

Eduporium employs concurrent security techniques as well as the latest encryption and security technology wherever user details are involved. We store all user information on a secured server. To further protect your details, we recommend that you use the latest version of your browser.

Does Eduporium get access to a user’s personal information from schools?

No, schools do not share any personal information with us. Each school only verifies that an Eduporium user is affiliated with the school.

Do you disclose user information to any third parties?

All user information is kept confidential and is never disclosed to any third parties without the user’s permission, except where reporting is required in order to:

1.       Fulfill orders with vendors,

2.       Respond to legal processes or comply with the law,

3.       Protect Eduporium from liability,

4.       Provide information in connection with a merger, acquisition, or liquidation of the company.

For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Will I be getting the same product as if I bought the full-priced version, or will I be getting a thinned-down version?

Unless it’s explicitly stated by the vendor (for example, unless the product is the “Home and Student” version), the product is exactly the same as the one sold at market price.

I bought a product and I’d like to add my opinion to the product’s page. Is that possible?

Absolutely. The more everyone understands about a product, the better. Feel free to add a review on the product’s page.

I saw “Tech Pal Registry” and “Bank of Needs” on the Eduporium website. What are those?

• Tech Pal Registry is a useful tool for teachers and IT managers—in fact, we designed it based on a request from an IT director of a school district. Tech Pal Registry allows teachers and IT managers to make wish lists of IT requirements for new classes, courses or workshops. When you need identical configurations for all students – create a Tech Pal registry and send the link to the students, parents or staff.

• Any faculty member can create multiple registries with different names.

• Because these wish lists are connected to Eduporium, product prices will reflect academic discounts, and check-out is just a few steps away!

• The Bank of Needs is a way for schools to connect to the IT resources of the town or city in which they are based. Schools publish their IT needs on the Bank of Needs page (such as requests for IT workshops, internship opportunities, used equipment, or recycling schemes), and local businesses or IT experts can offer their services to the school. Similarly, members of the local community can post requests for students to build an IT-based system, and groups of students could collaborate to fulfill the project.


​​Academic Discounts

What is academic discount (or educational pricing)?

Many leading hardware and software companies, including HP, Apple, and Microsoft, offer “educational pricing”: highly discounted pricing (up to 85%) on information technology products for students. This established practice is a great “win-win” strategy: by offering large discounts on the educational segment of their business, these companies embed their technology and brand into the culture of the next generation while acting socially responsible by supporting education.

Educational discounts are well promoted for college students and universities. However, they are also designed for K-12 students and educators. If you have a K-12 student in your family, or you work in a K-12 institution, you are eligible for academic discounts.

What are the eligibility requirements for academic discounts?

• You are the parent or guardian of a K-12 student who is enrolled in a K-12 educational institution or be home-schooled.

• Faculty, staff and administration of K-12 educational institutions are also eligible for academic discounts.

• You are a college student.

• You represent a non-profit.

• You are eligible for one product or license with an academic discount per student or faculty member per calendar year.

Are you certified to sell products with academic discounts?

Yes, we are certified providers of products with academic discounts from leading manufacturers in the US and abroad.

Do you only sell academically discounted products?

No. Eduporium offers products from over a hundred vendors at regular and discounted prices. We also give equal weight to free and open-source products in our online store—after all, we’re about being affordable and accessible!

Products that are sold with an academic discount are marked with this badge:


I understand I can get discounts on educational technology directly from vendors. Why use Eduporium?

While academic discounts are available from vendors directly, in order to qualify for an academic discount, eligible applicants have to go through an elaborate verification process. Furthermore, this process must be repeated for each vendor (Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Dell, etc.).

Eduporium addresses these tripping points by working directly with schools to give users access to steep academic discounts from many leading manufacturers, all in one place. But that’s not all—if your school signs up with us, the entire school community, including faculty and parents, are automatically qualified for these discounts. No paperwork, no hassle! Of course, if a user is not enrolled in a school registered with us, he can still submit accepted documents and be verified for academic discounts on our store.

Do you offer larger academic discounts than would be available if I bought directly from the vendor?

Technology companies create their own policies regarding academic discounts. However, with some vendors, Eduporium may be able to negotiate unique terms and sell their products at even lower rates.

How do I sign up to be eligible for academic discounts on your store?

If your school is already registered with Eduporium, simply create a new account, find your school in the drop-down list, and we’ll do the rest.

If your school is not registered, if you are the parent of a home-schooled child, or if you are involved in the academic community in other ways, you can still be eligible for academic discounts at our stores by providing us with accepted documentation. Simply head over to our sign up page, register for an account, and we’ll send you further instructions on how to verify your eligibility.

I have created an account and am verified for academic discounts. How many copies of each product can I buy?

There are two types of discount you will find in our store: regular products that are often sold at a discounted price, and products with an academic discount, which is also called educational pricing. Only products with an academic discount have limitations on the number of copies you can purchase.

If you are buying a product without an academic discount, you can buy as many copies as you wish.

If you are buying a product with an academic discount, the number of copies you may purchase depends on how many K-12 children you have and if you are a faculty member or not. For example, if you are a faculty member and also a parent, you are entitled to purchase one copy of each academically discounted product as a faculty member and then one additional discounted copy of each product per child per school year. If you are not a faculty member but have two children, you will be eligible to buy two copies of each academically discounted product per school year.

What are Academic Discount Credits?

Academic Discount Credits are how we keep track of how many copies of each discounted product you are entitled to purchase. You get one Credit for every child that you register to your account, and an additional credit if you are a faculty member. For example, if you are a faculty member and have two K-12 children, you will receive three Credits, and may purchase three copies of each academically discounted product per year. You can check how many credits you have under your Account page.

In the Academic Discounts section of my account page, why are some of my Academic Discount Credits listed as “Not Verified” or “Expired”?

This could be due to several reasons:

1. Your school has not yet verified your information. When you register with Eduporium, we send your name to your school to verify your affiliation with them. It shouldn’t take long—we’ll contact you as soon as your school verifies your eligibility for academic discounts.

2. Additional documents required. If your school is not registered with us, if your child is homeschooled, or if are eligible for academic discounts in other ways, we require additional documents to be sent to us before we can verify your eligibility for academic discounts. Check your inbox; you should have received an email from us with further instructions. Alternatively, please follow this link for more information.

3. It has been a year since you registered. Each academic discount credit in your account expires after one year, at which time we will need you to update your eligibility information before you can access academic discounts on our site. Simply log into your Account page, scroll down to the Academic Discounts section, and update your information.

If I rarely buy technology, and my school isn’t signed up, can I still buy a product with an academic discount from your website?

Yes. Because we are a certified provider of academically discounted products we are still able to process your request. All you have to do is to fill out the form and support it with the required documentation.



You say you work directly with schools. How does a school sign up with Eduporium?

Signing up is really easy. Your school can fill out a simple form, then click “submit.” We will contact you for confirmation.

If my school signs up, what will be the relationship between the school and Eduporium?

The relationship is a partnership. Eduporium and your school will remain separate business and legal entities.

I am a school administrator, and am thinking of registering my school with Eduporium. Is there a catch?

NO! We are passionate about providing affordable technology to as many people as possible – there are some great resources out there that can really help our school communities thrive and grow. Becoming a participating school in Eduporium is ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

But wait, there’s more—once your school signs up, we give a portion of the profits from products bought by members of your school community directly back to the school. We call this Eduporium’s Profit-Sharing program. So when your students, parents, faculty and staff buy the technology they need through Eduporium, they are also helping your school.

Do you expect a school to promote Eduporium?

There is no requirement. However, several schools have asked us to help them educate their communities about Eduporium’s benefits. In response, we prepared some materials that you might also find useful. They are available for download on the School Admin site.

Where must a school be located to participate?

Participating schools must be based in the United States.


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