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Eduporium Experiment | Snap Circuits Arcade Kit

  • Posted on: January 17, 2018 - 11:30am
  • By: anna

Snap Circuits is a line of well-known circuit construction kits that are always adding new ways for kids to explore electronics and circuitry! Today, I experimented with the Snap Circuits Arcade Kit, a kit that allows students to build over 200 exciting projects and includes 20-plus Build and Play games. With over 35 parts, including a programmable word fan, tri-colored orb, and a pre-programmed micro-controller, the Snap Circuits Arcade kit is perfect for projecting a light arcade show and helping kids upgrade their original Snap Circuits skills!

Eduporium Experiment | mBot Pt. 2

  • Posted on: January 10, 2018 - 12:03pm
  • By: anna

Makeblock’s mBot is one of the best educational robot kits for beginners on the market. Unlike most robots, students build this one from scratch, bolstering their engineering skills and really getting into the inner workings and electronics involved with robotics. Designed for students in grades 1-7, mBot is easy to assemble and is a great entry-level introduction to robotics and programming.

Eduporium Experiment | Sphero Mini

  • Posted on: January 3, 2018 - 10:11am
  • By: anna

Your newest, tiniest robot is here and ready to ramp up connected coding in the form of Sphero Mini! App-enabled and Bluetooth-connected, Sphero Mini is similar to the Sphero SPRK+, but brings some new and exciting features to the playing field. Students, for example, can drive the Mini using different modes, such as joystick, tilt, slingshot, or even face drive, which allows them to control the robot using their own facial expressions! They can also use Mini as a game controller to play three different games in the Sphero Mini app (with more on the way!). The most important feature found within the Sphero Edu app if you ask us, however, is the ability to code in JavaScript.

Eduporium Experiment | 3Doodler Pt. 2

  • Posted on: December 27, 2017 - 12:02pm
  • By: anna

Not enough space or money for a 3D printer? A 3D pen is the next best thing! There are a variety of brands out there, but few are as educationally inclined as the 3Doodler. The 3Doodler has a range of products, fit for beginners to pros, including the Start, Create, and PRO pens, as well as tons of educational resources on their site to get teachers and students printing right away. No matter your subject area, 3D printing can instantly add an engineering, design, and artistic element to your teaching.

Eduporium Experiment | MOD-t 3D Printer Pt. 2

  • Posted on: December 20, 2017 - 11:33am
  • By: anna

New Matter’s MOD-t is one of our favorite simple and affordable 3D printers. It is the ideal first 3D printer for beginners due to its accessibility and ease of use. Its enclosed and clear design is perfect for students because it’s safe, quiet, and the print can be seen from all angles. Perhaps most importantly, it’s also relatively small and easy to pick up, creating a portability aspect that most 3D printers lack. Don’t let its sleek design fool you, though. The MOD-t is completely user-friendly with only one button to press. It also prints with eco-friendly PLA filament and is WiFi-enabled, so kids can print from any device that’s connected to the Internet.