Appsolutely: Oh No Fractions!

  • Posted on: November 12, 2015 - 7:12pm
  • By: akil


We test out the latest, most popular educational apps just for you! Then we render a verdict of YES, NO, or in some cases a MAYBE SO.


 The Facts:

Visually compare, add, subtract, multiply and divide two fractions with a unique and simple interface. Explore, play and test your fraction knowledge.



“Oh No Fractions!” is the perfect name for an app about a subject so many loathe. The irony is that this very app is an ally in conquering those pesky fractions. It’s armed with a larger interface for kids to perform operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions. Statistics are kept for each successful and unsuccessful attempt to solve the problems. Which is a valuable feature to educators and parents who wish to monitor their child’s progress.



·      Visual representation of the fractions

·      Stats for parents and educators

·      Add, Subtract, Multiply, and divide fractions



·      Only available on Apple devices



The Verdict: If your kids say “Oh No Fractions” when they have to do them in class or at home, than this app should make their lives a little easier. Sometimes problems are easier to solve when there is a visual representation of the problem. “Oh No Fractions” is designed with that in mind and for that reason it’s a YES for “Oh No Fractions!