Celebrating Pi Day with a Slice of Raspberry

  • Posted on: March 16, 2017 - 8:29am
  • By: alarmand

Pi is the best STEM ingredient


How many digits of Pi do you know? If you know more than three, you know more than us. But, the first three are the most important and, to celebrate 3.14, we've baked some Pi for you. Using the compact and innovative Raspberry Pi computer, creative kids (and adults) can craft and construct all kinds of inventive devices, learn how to code, and upgrade their desktop computer for just $35. Plus, Pi's are present in a bunch of other STEM products and today's the day to learn more!



Raspberry Pi 3


This $35 computer does everything your current one does. So, replace that old one, simplify complex projects, and learn to code in a way that's easier than ever.





 Kano Computer Kit


 With Raspberry Pi as the brain of the Kano, kids can follow simple instructions and build  their own computer from scratch, learning about the hardware and trying interactive gaming  and coding! 





Monk Makes Electronics Starter Kit


Monk Makes gives kids a Pi-filled introduction to programming with 10 starter projects that incorporate the Raspberry Pi and cool breadboard technology in building smart devices! 





 Eduporium Limited Edition RP3 Kit


 We've bundled all you need into an affordable beginner kit, including your own Pi, HDMI  cable, and power supply so kids can get started with  learning how to code fast. 









Piper is a completely DIY computer that's powered by Raspberry Pi! After perfecting design skills by building it themselves, kids can learn how to program and even play Minecraft! 



Put the baking trays away and create something with Raspberry Pi to celebrate Pi Day 2017! Click below to BUY NOW! Please contact us at 1 (877) 252-0001 or sales@eduporium.com to place a purchase order or request a quote on Raspberry Pi's for your classroom, home, or makerspace. 




Visit our store to buy any or all of our Raspberry Pi products! Happy Pi Day!