Eduporium Experiment | EZ-Robot JD

  • Posted on: September 14, 2016 - 4:24am
  • By: alarmand

After using it, I am convinced that the EZ-Robot JD is the most intuitive and user friendly robot available to K-12 students and educators today. It perfectly combines all the characteristics you could want in a STEM learning tool and it’s perfect for quick classroom lessons or long-term afterschool group projects. One of three EZ-Robot models, the JD helps kids excel at learning programming basics through the simplicity built into the ez-builder software – and, trust me, it doesn’t get much easier!

One of the reasons that the EZ-Robot is so great for students is that it enables them to experience what it’s like to actually begin coding. I’d be remiss, however, if I didn’t mention all the amazing things that young coders can program the EZ-Robot to do! Using the ez-builder software, students can connect to their EZ-Robot’s Wi-Fi network and control its movements through hundreds of pre-created motions, including making it wave, do a split or pump out some push-ups. The best part is they can create one long train of movements and essentially choreograph their own robotic movement – complete with the addition of music for added awesomeness!

All I had to do was download the software and all the commands I needed were right there in the program. I decided I’d try my luck at a bunch of different moves – it was plenty easy to move on to larger combinations after starting off simple with just one or two moves at a time. You really will be pretty surprised by all that the EZ-Robot can do and kids will immediately be able to exercise their creativity in programming its actions – like making it do push-ups, for example!

Aside from programming the EZ-Robot to execute specific movements, students can also program it to do more advanced things once they progress through the program. One of EZ-Robot’s most popular features is its ability to recognize faces. Yep, you read that right! The EZ-Robot’s built-in camera can snap a photo of a student’s face and then be programmed to perform an action (like wave) whenever it recognizes that specific face! The same goes for colors, too. Students can program it to do something (say, a split) when it sees the color red! Pretty cool!

The EZ-Robot JD is sure to help eliminate the learning curve and get students excited about programming and robotics from the moment they open the box! There is so much to learn and this interactive instructor is here to make the process so much EZ-er! 


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