How to Bring 3D Printing Into Your Classroom This Year

  • Posted on: September 7, 2017 - 3:28pm
  • By: alarmand

MakerBot makes inventors out of everyone and we've brought their brilliance back to our store just in time for back to school! Teachers can now get the 3D printer they really want as well as all the filaments their students could possibly need all in one place. We're helping bring 3D printing into your school or makerspace and keep it there. MakerBot is incredibly simple and a truly teacher-friendly printer designed to get kids innovating, designing, and thriving in the 21st century all while educators enjoy a worry-free way of teaching. 

If you wanted to add some 3D printers to your school, library, or makerspace, you waited for the right moment. Why's that? We've just added four new, awesome MakerBot models and all the accessories you need to our store just in time for back to school! Shape successful student innovators right in your classroom with the unmatched reliability, simplicity, affordability, and power you'll get only from MakerBot!

MakerBot's 3D printers aren't just any old machines. The schools and libraries we work with love using MakerBots and the models just continue to improve. They're engineered and tested to ensure greater classroom reliability and print designs up to 30 percent faster than previous models. When it comes to its features, MakerBot is second to none. Whether the MakerBot Mini or the full-scale Replicator, students get Wi-Fi, USB, or Ethernet connectivity, Mac or Windows compatibility, large- or small-spool PLA filaments, build plate leveling, and a ton more. 

makerbot mini.png

Whether you have a need for large-spool or small-spool filament, we've got you covered there, too. In our store, you'll find every color you can imagine and very affrodable options for empowering students to create designs in their favorite colors. MakerBot's even made glow in the dark filament for kids who want to add an extra dash of creativity to their inventions! To go along with that one, which we think is probably the coolest, you'll also be able to find all the classic colors, like white, black, blue, red, yellow and so many more. 

Cut out the headaches this school year and fill your makerspace with inspiring innovation from MakerBot. They love helping teachers reach students through 3D printing and offer exceptional service during set-up as well as immediate help should you need assistance troubleshooting. With MakerBot, students can get the hands-on, project-based learning they need. And, teachers can even get their own MakerBot Mini at special Back to School pricing through Sept. 15!

Once you get a feel for your students and whether 3D printing is right for them, we'll be waiting with a store full of our NEW MakerBot models. They're perfect for helping kids hit the ground running in the new school year!