Learning Programming with a Raspberry Pi Robot.

  • Posted on: October 5, 2017 - 11:18am
  • By: alarmand

The simple software, active engineering, and long-lasting learning kids crave and teachers approve of comes with the GoPiGo robot kits from Dexter Industries. Whether in the classroom, makerspace, or an afterschool robotics club, these are the kinds of products that promote innovative, hands-on learning. What's to love about the GoPiGo robots? A whole lot of fun, engagement, and educational upside. 

The buildable GoPiGo robots offer students a new dimension when it comes to hands-on STEAM learning. Not only will they learn the basics of programming with GoPiGo's simple, block-based language, they're poised to become engineering masters as well! That's because the GoPiGo robots come completely disassembled and kids have to tap their problem-solving skills to get them put together!


The best part? These classroom-friendly bots are powered by a Raspberry Pi! They even allow for programming practice using multiple languages, like Python, Bloxter, Java, or Raspbian for Robots. Bloxter, created by the makers of GoPiGo, is a block-based language similar to Scratch. It includes built-in lessons and gets kids actively engaged with learning how to program!

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Image: © Dexter Industries