Mini or Mega? There's a Cubelets Classroom Pack for You

  • Posted on: March 1, 2018 - 9:21am
  • By: alarmand

Cubelets and STEM education just kind of go together. Already awesome at exposing super young students to engineering and programming, the addition of the Cubelets Classroom Packs have added a renewed focus on collaboration! All their kits allow educators to combine coding and engineering in the classroom. Traditionally, they've always had their six-, 12-, and 20-piece kits and then they eventually incorporated the Bluetooth Cubelet to make student inventions programmable with a device. Now, they're into the classroom kit game and have three different options for introducing robotics on a classroom-wide scale.

Creative Constructors Pack:

The Creative Constructors Pack helps make robotics education inclusive for everyone with over 50 pieces for student-centered learning! It empowers educators to expand their robotics classes and compels students to access their craziest creativity! Filled with 56 pieces that accelerate play-based invention, this Cubelets kit helps create a classroom centered on collaboration with something to get every child enamored in coding while they work together. Not only will kids fine tune their coding skills, they’ll benefit from creative construction opportunities and maximize their maker skills as well! Designed to facilitate large-scale collaboration at a fraction of the price, the Cubelets Constructors Pack injects innovation into K-4 classrooms and transcends typical learning with a shot of tech-based challenges! Boost any collaborative classroom or makerspace and get kids ingeniously inventing with the creativity waiting to erupt from the Cubelets Constructors Pack!

Inventors Mega Pack:


Launch robotics challenges for up to 12 groups of students with a total of 162 Cubelets blocks and some new features! Since Cubelets are such a versatile robotics system, students can start learning with them as early as Pre-K. They truly put robotics learning in kids’ hands like never before with easy-to-use, magnetic, and modular cubes that combine to form interactive robots! To break robotics and coding down into a simple science, Cubelets features a number of blocks with different colors that represent their various functions. Cubelets teach the large-scale lessons behind complex tech systems by continuously applying design thinking to customized creations. And, with the Mega Pack, the whole classroom can learn together! 


Mini Makers Pack:


Perfect for the early grades, the Mini Makers Pack is designed specifically for introducing robotics and coding as early as Pre-K! This particular classroom pack allows kids to combine original design thinking with flexible robotic creation as they begin to learn about the nuances of robotic behavior through active experimentation. The Mini Makers Pack will help kids expand their horizons and encourage excitement with hands-on programming. It's also great for sparking collaboration with classroom learning that mimics the real world as kids begin to investigate the foundation of robotic systems!


Whether they're new to Cubelets or already have some experience, students can continue their 21st century development with the Creative Constructors Pack, Inventors Mega Pack, or the Mini Makers Pack! If you have any questions or would like to inquire about special Educator Discount pricing, feel free to give us a call at 1 (877) 252-0001 or email! Explore more offerings from Cubelets below! Image: © Modular Robotics