A New Kind of Drone. A New Kind of STEM.

  • Posted on: February 8, 2018 - 7:36am
  • By: alarmand

What's better for STEM education than programming a cool piece of technology? Maybe programming a cool piece of technology to fly! Among the newest STEM tools added to our store is the Airblock drone from Makeblock, an exceptional way for students to explore aviation and dive into long-lasting innovation. They don't even need any prior coding experience to learn with Airblock -- just an eye for exploration and the desire to take charge of their learning! It comes with the main control module, six rotors, a hovercraft base, charger and battery holder, battery, charging cable, and 10 protective covers. 

The Airblock perfectly combines two of the most incredible aspects of STEM education – engineering and programming – and that’s even before it takes flight! Able to be built in three different forms (triangle hovercraft, spider, and 360 spinner), Airblock makes use of modular and magnetic components to offer students a convertible drone that truly takes STEM education to new heights. Not only is it controllable using the Makeblock app, it’s programmable with block-based codes in the same application using a strong Bluetooth connection! There’s no coding expertise required to use Airblock as students gain the skills through hands-on experience with graphical programming, telling their drone to execute a number of unique and increasingly complex sequences in the air. Airblock is quickly and easily transformable, offering a three-in-one adventure in STEM-based innovation and a glimpse at some of the jobs of the future! After just a quick charge, the Airblock is ready to help students develop some of the most important STEM skills.

Using the Makeblock app, which is available on both iOS and Android, students can control the speed and movements of the Airblock drone using the remote control feature and create programs for the drone to execute using the block-based programming field. Structurally speaking, the Airblock is composed of one main module and six additional, interchangeable modules that offer a true plug-and-play aspect to this programmable flyer. Its blades are also unexposed, partially hidden underneath the surface, offering plenty of safety while keeping all the efficiency.

When it comes to control, there are two options: remotely using a paired device and its built-in Bluetooth functionality or the joysticks that appear within the Makeblock app. On a basic level, the Airblock can rise, fall, advance, retreat, and move to the side while its advanced capabilities include hovering, somersaulting, and customizable stunts! It can fly at speeds of up to two meters per second and has a flight time of approximately six minutes with a 700mAh replaceable battery.

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