NEW FOR YOU: Guided Activities for all of Our EdTech Products

  • Posted on: March 9, 2017 - 8:57am
  • By: alarmand

A customized way to maximize learning in your classroom


So, you've bought a new EdTech tool or two, brought it into your classroom, and now you're...stuck! We'd had heard this too many times, so we created Starter Activities to guide teachers and students on a meaningful learning experience using their new tech tools. They're completely free and available for download on our website NOW!


pi op activitty.png


Our innovative technology experts collaborated to create almost 100 Starter Activities in all STEM disciplines and designed for students in all grade levels to get the absolute most out of learning with technology. Whether it's programming with a Raspberry Pi, exploring coding for the first time with Ozobot, or constructing smart devices with littleBits, there's an activity that's right for your classroom every day!


Whether it's engineering, circuitry, robotics, drones, virtual reality, music, or coding, we have an age-appropriate EdTech tool to supplement instruction and an engaging, age-appropriate activity to ensure it's being used right!




Click below to try our BRAND NEW library of hands-on activities or contact us at 1 (877) 252-0001 or to find out how we can create customized projects for your classroom!



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