Transform ideas into tangible, 3D printed objects with Carvey

  • Posted on: June 8, 2017 - 8:20am
  • By: alarmand

Getting students interested in maker education can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Well, it used to be anyway! Build a makerspace station that every student will want to visit next school year with Carvey, an incredibly powerful, surprisingly simple, and impressively accessible CNC machine that puts students in control of Maker Ed! With its free and easy software program, students in middle and high school can transform their ideas to digital designs then into tangible objects as they build invention, innovation, and maker skills that will serve them well for years to come!

Carvey is a full-scale CNC machine that's sleek, clean, and accessible to both experienced designers and students. It provides quiet, unobtrusive, and low-mess manufacturing in any high-tech classroom or makerspace! Plus, its simple design and cover help Carvey provide a quiet, unobtrusive, and low-mess maker-minded manufacturing experience right in the classroom. Carvey’s measured accuracy of 0.003” can help students turn nearly anything they dream up into a finished product that’s fine, detailed, and authentic. The complete package for professional- and student-friendly CNC machines, Carvey is an excellent addition to any makerspace, as it reduces technology-related complications, puts control in the hands of students, and customizes creations for kids as young as middle school.


Carvey is built to make 3D Carving as accessible as possible. It works well with its free software program, Easel, which was designed for Carvey by its inventors, to help turn any design students can imagine into a tangible end result. Compatible with wood, plastic, linoleum, aluminum, and many more materials, Carvey is a super-versatile machine that gives life to objects as durable as required. Carvey also includes an external power supply to increase speed and accuracy while ensuring no creation goes unfinished. With top-notch motor resolution and work area flatness, Carvey will excel at introducing kids to the precision of printing and help prepare them for what lies ahead in the world of additive manufacturing. Included along with the Carvery machine are four Carvey bits and other Carvey starter materials. 

For innovative students and teachers who like to challenge their classes, Carvey is ideal for converting complex ideas into physical products. It's guaranteed to simplify the 3D carving process and springboard students into an incredibly beneficial extension of maker education. To order a Carvey machine for your school or makerspace, click here!