Why High School is the Perfect Time for Robotics.

  • Posted on: February 1, 2018 - 8:32am
  • By: alarmand

There's robotics kits designed for classroom use and then there are the ROBOTIS robotics kits, which are designed for serious learning. What makes them different? Well, they're not just for breaking the ice and introducing robotics to students while they're young. Many of the ROBOTIS kits are designed specifically for high school students to take authentic STEM learning to the next level. With a hard-to-beat approach to teaching, including curriculum guides, hardware, and software, each ROBOTIS kit focuses on a future-relevant STEM concept and helps students master them through hands-on application!

With many of their kits designed specifically for high school-aged students, ROBOTIS is integral in empowering students to take that next step in STEM education. Whether it's the Premium Kit, STEM Level Kits, or programming with the Ollobot Kit, ROBOTIS is all but guaranteed to help prepare students for the future -- whatever that future may be. 

To make sure you have all the information you need, we're going to go through each of the seven ROBOTIS kits we have on our store. We'll start with the Play 300 DINOS Kit. This one, to be honest, is geared more towards elementary or middle school students, but is very useful in building a foundation for future robotics education. It helps kids further build on their creativity as they construct up to seven different robot fugures, including some of the fiercest dinosaurs that used to roam the Earth. 

To build on that one, the Play 600 Pets Kit is a bit more involved, but still helps younger students learn about robotics through pet-themed projects. The thing that sets this kit apart is the introduction of a motorized control box that helps anything kids build come to life! Kids can even come up with their own designs thanks to the versatility of the pieces in the kit and construct classic ROBOTIS projects, like a bird, puppy, and cricket. 

Next, we have the STEM Level 1 Kit, which opens up a whole lot of opportunities for students to explore STEM. Using the parts in the kit, kids are able to build over 15 different but equally exciting robots that help them dive deeper into STEM. And, using ROBOTIS' software, called RoboPlus, they're able to program their robots over the Internet. The best part is that the Level 1 Kit comes with a fully illustrated manual, so students know exactly what they're doing and guarantee they're doing it well. 

If there's a STEM Level 1 Kit, there's probably a STEM Level 2 Kit as well. The good news is we've got that on our store, too. Like the Level 1 Kit, there is a fair amount of focus on hardware, software, and the correct construction of projects when using the Level 2 Kit. Only, at Level 2, it's a bit more complex. There is also more focus on the application phase of constructing robots than on the building phase, which helps students to recognize the most important principles of programming robots, including the math behind writing effective programs. 

Next, we have the Mini Kit and, although it sounds fairly introductory, it's actually pretty impressive. It features a programmable humanoid robot that kids can build and control via a Bluetooth connection. Able to move with a good amount of precision, the robot in the kit is an exceptional way for students to explore technology. Whether it's in the classroom or an afterschool robotics club, ROBOTIS' Mini Kit is a super affordable way to get top-notch robotics experience at any time. 

On the other side of this, the ROBOTIS Premium Kit makes its mark on education by providing students with a completely do-it-yourself experience. It uses modular DC servos, enhanced mobility, and impressive intelligence to bring the evolution of robotics to high school classrooms. Using the Premium Kit, students can easily build the STEM skills of the future while they're guided through a super hands-on robot building experience. 

The seventh and final ROBOTIS kit on our store is the PLAY 700 Ollobot. This particular kit allows students to use technology to build and reconfigure programmable robots. This one is more for younger students as well and guides kids on a journey of building four different robots, including a scorpion, dog, cat, and windmill. It's motorized and features smart Bluetooh connectivity, helping kids learn important programming languages, like Scratch and C++ on the go!

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Image: © ROBOTIS