Caroler's Helper

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This clever advanced project uses littleBits motors to turn a paper scroll in a frame, allowing the reader to read through pages of sheet music or text without turning the page.

Other Parts

1: LittleBits DC Motor Bit
The DC (or "Direct Current") motor rotates a shaft when you send it an ON signal. It even has a switch to set the direction of rotation! It also includes the motorMate-- an accessory that makes it easy to attach wheels, paper, cardboard, and lots of other materials to the motor. Simply slide it on the "D" shape on the shaft.
Reg. Qty: 2
2: LittleBits Long LED Bit
The long LED (or "Light-Emitting Diode") Bit is another lighting option. We call it the "long" LED because the light is tethered to the board by a cable.
Reg. Qty: 2
3: LittleBits Power Bit
This power module lets you use a 9 volt battery to supply electricity to your littleBits. Snap in the battery + cable (not included) and flip the switch to turn it on.
Reg. Qty: 1
4: LittleBits Wire Bit
The wire Bit is just what it sounds like - it allows you to physically separate your Bits. Try it whenever you need to break up your chain of Bits, like when you need to put a light at the top of a model building! You'll find many situations where you want a wire Bit.
Reg. Qty: 3
5: LittleBits Pressure Sensor Bit
The pressure sensor is a touch-activated module; give its pad a little squeeze to activate it. The more pressure you apply, the more signal it sends out.
Reg. Qty: 1
6: Bamboo Skewer
Standard bamboo skewer like you might find in your kitchen.

Reg. Qty: 1
7: Cardboard Tube
Like the one you would find inside a roll of paper towels.

Reg. Qty: 1
8: Sheet Music
Pick your favorite songs!

Reg. Qty: 1
9: Picture Frame
We find 8.5" x 11" frames work best.

Reg. Qty: 1
10: Plywood Board
A standard sheet of plywood

Reg. Qty: 1
Caroler's Helper
Make caroling easy this year with scrolling sheet music. Two dc motors turn a paper scroll when you press the pressure sensor on the frame, alleviating the need to remove your mittens.