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Circuit Scribe is a roller-ball pen with a very special property: its conductive silver ink lets you draw electronic circuits directly onto paper!
Circuit Scribe allows you to create electronic circuits by simply doodling on a piece of paper – you don't need to mess around with breadboards, wiring or soldering. The ballpoint pen uses a water-based, non-toxic ink that dries instantly. The pen can be used in conjunction with magnetic components that snap straight into the circuits, eliminating the need for messy glue or complex soldering. 
Circuit Scribe provides an innovative and much more practical way to teach kids about circuits with minimal components and clean-up involved. Children can draw circuits directly into notebooks or on sheets of paper, add magnetic parts, and instantly see their circuit light up! Just paper, a Circuit Scribe pen, a couple of components and a small battery are all you need to get started. Circuit Scribe produces a number of different kits and bundles to get you off the ground and the pens can be obtained separately.
If you're considering introducing electronics in your classroom or at home, Circuit Scribe can provide an accessible way to learn the basics. One of the most interesting aspects of Circuit Scribe is that designs and sketches drawn with the pen can instantly become working prototypes – simply add the necessary components to the page and turn the switch on. For more complex projects, use Circuit Scribe with MaKey MaKey or interface with an Arduino. Circuit Scribe opens up a world of increasingly exciting possibilities with the simple stroke of a pen.
Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly
Circuit Scribe started life as a Kickstarter project – watch the original crowdfunding video to find out more about this amazing conductive pen.
Circuit Scribe (Official Site)
Find information about Circuit Scribe bundles, project ideas and support on the Circuit Scribe website.
Circuit Scribe FAQ
If you have a query about Circuit Scribe, this is the place to start. Find out everything you need to know in the Circuit Scribe FAQ.
Circuit Scribe Lets You Prototype Electronics Instantly By Doodling On The Back Of An Envelope
Techcrunch explains the unique benefit of Circuit Scribe, which eliminates the step between design and prototype.
Electroninks Resources
Electroninks, the company that produces Circuit Scribe, provides plenty of free online resources to give you guidance and ideas. Find the collection here.
Circuit Scribe Modules
Browse the different types of modules (components) that can be used with the Circuit Scribe pen.
Circuit Scribe Unboxing
Watch the Circuit Scribe kit being unboxed and demonstrated in this detailed video from Autodesk 123D.
I Draw Circuits With Circuit Scribe
Eric Mickelson tries out the Circuit Scribe and experiments with drawing some circuits to put it through its paces.
RGB Christmas Tree
Use this downloadable worksheet from Circuit Scribe to create a paper Christmas tree that twinkles in this beginners' project.
Word Circuitry
Turn words into working circuits with this fun beginner-level project from Chibitronics, who use their Circuit Stickers along with Circuit Scribe in the project.
Circuit Scribe Resistors
Get the low-down on using resistors in your Circuit Scribe creations with this quick project from Instructables.
Light Theremin
Use your Circuit Scribe pen and modules to make a musical instrument that changes in pitch when you change the input from a light sensor.
In this advanced project, use Circuit Scribe ink and components to create a paper version of an Arduino board, which you can interact with using an Eagle PCB and Arduino software.
Circuit Scribe Teaches Electronics Basics
Kids Tech News explains how Circuit Scribe changes the traditional teaching of electronics.
Circuit Scribe Press Photos
Browse through Circuit Scribe's publicly available press photos folders to see Circuit Scribe in action at events and being used in innovative projects nationwide.
Fab 11 – Boston FabFest
Read all about Circuit Scribe's workshops and kids' projects at Boston FabFest 2015 on the Electroninks blog.
Conductive Silver Ink From A Ballpoint Pen
Annalisa from Circuit Scribe explains the technical aspects of how Circuit Scribe works and exactly how the ink in the pens is made.
Circuit Scribe and MaKey MaKey to Control Media Center
One Youtuber demonstrates how he has set up a MaKey MaKey and drawn Circuit Scribe circuits to control the media center on his computer.
A Resource Page for Paper Circuits
Angi Chau has put together a useful collection of links and resources for creating lesson plans based on paper circuits.
Students Illuminate Their Ideas With Paper Circuitry
Read about how one group of 6th grade students created illuminated poetry using paper circuits.
Open Source Circuit Scribe Components
Circuit Scribe are very committed to open source/free resources. Check out their module designs on Github to see how their components are created.
Circuit Scribe Workbook Repository
Download workbooks and instructions for your Circuit Scribe from Electroninks' free online repository.
Circuit Scribe Hub (Autodesk 123D)
Don't want to waste ink? Create your designs online first with the Circuit Scribe online simulator from Autodesk 123D.
Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery, by Charles Platt
Platt's book is aimed at people who are new to electronics, and focuses on practical experimentation and discovery.
Electroninks Youtube Channel
Visit the Electroninks Youtube channel for useful instructional videos and ideas for how to use your Circuit Scribe kit.
Pen Debugging
Having trouble with your Circuit Scribe pen? Find out how to troubleshoot it here.
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