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Arduino is an open-source electronics platform, which is intended for use by inventors, hobbyists, artists, educators and students.

"Arduino" can refer to a number of products that are built using Arduino hardware and software. An Arduino board is a single-board micro-controller that is based on easy-to-use, flexible hardware and software. It can use a variety of types of sensors to sense its environment, and can carry out a range of functions using components such as motors and lights.

Arduino boards are designed to be as open source as possible. The boards can be bought preassembled, or built by hand from DIY kits. All of the software needed to run an Arduino board is free and available to download from Arduino's official website.
As both the hardware and software is open source, many different types of Arduino boards have been manufactured by both Arduino and other companies. There are currently 16 different pre-assembled boards available from various sources, and boards can also be modified or built by users.
The micro-controller on an Arduino board is programmed using the Arduino programming language and the Arduino interactive development environment (IDE), which is designed to introduce programing to novices and designers who might be unfamiliar with software development.
Because Arduino boards are extremely flexible and versatile, they lend themselves to experimentation, invention and combination with other computing platforms, such as the Raspberry Pi, and open-source electronics like littleBits. Arduino announced a partnership with Microsoft in April 2015, making Windows 10 the world's first certified Arduino operating system.
The Arduino community is large and very active, and Arduino users often contribute projects and advice for other users on the Arduino wiki. For students, Arduino is a great introduction to computer hardware, software and programming that encourages a creative engagement with electronics and computing.


Massimo Banzi: How Arduino is Open-Sourcing Imagination
In this TED talk, Massimo Banzi, one of the inventors of Arduino, explains how open-source platforms like his are "open-sourcing imagination" and bringing users together to create amazing projects.
Official Arduino Site
The official home of Arduino, where you can find out about Arduino products and their applications, learn how to get started with Arduino, download software and connect with the Arduino community.
Arduino FAQs
A comprehensive list of questions and answers explaining what Arduino is, who can use it, how to use it, and directions to useful resources for Arduino users.
Arduino Introduction Page
This page explains exactly what Arduino is, how an Arduino computer differs from your desktop computer, and why Arduino is a great choice for beginners learning programming and electronics.
Know Your Arduino: A Practical Guide to the Most Common Boards
Alex Castle from Tested explains the distinguishing characteristics of each available model of Arduino board, and how to decide which one is most suitable for your project.
Arduino Getting Started
This resource from Arduino's official site has links to various resources explaining exactly what you'll need and the steps to follow to get started with an Arduino board.
SparkFun Getting Started With Arduino
In this video from SparkFun Electronics, David Stillman explains what an Arduino is and what you'll need to get an Arduino board up and running and connected to either a PC or a Mac.
Tutorial 01 for Arduino: Getting Acquainted with Arduino
In the first in a tutorial series from Element 14, Jeremy Blum explains how to get familiar with Arduino, how it works and what extras you'll need.
Tested In-Depth: Getting Started with Arduino
This long video tutorial from Tested takes a detailed look at different types of available Arduino boards, and their various applications and capabilities.
Microsoft and Arduino: New Partnership Announced Today
Find out more about Arduino's partnership with Microsoft and how you'll be able to use Windows 10 with Arduino in this informative blog post from the official Arduino site.
Make a Talking Clock
Chlonos is a talking clock gadget that can also measure temperature and light. All of the open-source code and hardware schematics needed to build your own Chlonos are available in this online guide.
Control Traffic with Traffic Lights
In this excerpt from his book Arduino Workshop, John Boxall gives step-by-step instructions for making a simple set of miniature working traffic lights using LEDs and an Arduino.
Building and Controlling a Tank Robot
In an intermediate level project from Arduino Workshop, John Boxall explains how to build and control your own miniature tank robot.
Tweet-A-Pot: Twitter Enabled Coffee Pot
This fun project will allow you to make coffee remotely through Twitter! This tutorial from Instructables explains how you can use an Arduino board to remotely instruct a coffee pot to make coffee from anywhere with cell phone reception.
AeroQuad: The Open-Source Quadcopter/Multicopter
Fancy building your own helicopter? This ongoing open-source project has a variety of different options and instructions for building different types of 'copters, all of which use an Arduino board as a controlling component.
DIY Arduino-Controlled Eggbot
Learn how to use an Arduino to control an eggbot: an open-source art robot that draws designs on spherical, curved, and egg-shaped objects.
Arduino Blink Challenge Lesson Plan
This lesson plan from Try Engineering explores how computers are used by engineers and software designers to solve challenges. Students learn how to build and test a program to turn a light on and off using an Arduino board.
Education and Teaching: Arduino Forum
This section of the official Arduino site is devoted to discussion of how to use Arduino boards in the classroom, and what kind of projects Arduino products can be used for in schools.
Arduino in Physics Class
This post explaining how to use Arduino boards to teach physics introduces a series of blog posts, each of which provides detailed instructions for a lesson using the Arduino.
Like a boss - an Arduino school project
This short video demonstrates a game made for a school project, which allows the player to collect on-screen Facebook "likes" using an interactive glove.
Arduino Malt Kiln
Arduino boards have many varied uses, and some of them are particularly creative. This user has created a malting kiln for his home brewing enterprise which uses an Arduino board to control temperature.
A 12-year-old's Quest to Remake Education, One Arduino At A Time
This feature article from profiles Quin Entyre, a 12-year-old boy who has become a star instructor in the DIY electronics community, and has even founded his own business. Quin is one of many young inventors who are showing the potential of products like Arduino to inspire creative engagement with technology.
Sylvia's Super Awesome Mini Maker Show
In one of a series of videos, young Sylvia demonstrates a creative project - using an Arduino board to power a pendant that lights up in rhythm with the wearer's heartbeat.
Arduino Chicken Coop
Arduino boards have been put to some weird and wonderful uses. This blog explains how you can use an Arduino to fully automate a chicken coop, including automatic feeding, door opening and closing and running cameras to make sure it's all working properly.
Arduino Presentation; from Beagles and Boards and Raspberry Pi, Oh My!
This presentation by Ben Heck at DESIGN West highlights Arduino in comparison to other open-source platforms and micro-computers, such as the Raspberry Pi.
Casa Jasmina
Casa Jasmina is a two-year project from Arduino aiming to use the “Internet of Things in the Home” to create an open-source, connected apartment.
Arduino Workshop, by John Boxall
This book by John Boxall gives comprehensive instructions for 65 practical projects to complete using the Arduino. The book is also available in E-book format, and you can download excerpts and the necessary code for free.
20 Unbelievable Arduino Projects, by Instructables (E-book)
Instructables bring together a collection of their best Arduino projects in this handy E-book. You must sign up for Instructables membership to access the book, but membership gives access to a whole library of different resources and books for technologists, hobbyists and educators.
Tutorial Series for Arduino
In this series of Youtube videos, Jeremy Blum (in conjunction with Element 14) takes you through tutorials explaining how to use the Arduino, from getting started to complex projects.
The Arduino Playground
The Arduino Playground is a wiki where Arduino users can contribute and share their projects, code, discoveries and research.
Arduino Manuals and Curriculum
This section of Arduino's official website lists a comprehensive collection of instruction guides, manuals and tutorials available from various sources.
The Internet of Things: Do-It-Yourself at Home Projects for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black. By Donald Norris.
Find out more about the Internet of Things and how to make your own internet-connected devices and systems using Arduino and other technologies in this collection of DIY projects.
Arduino Day 2016
Arduino Day is a worldwide celebration of Arduino products and designs, on which Arduino enthusiasts, students and educators are encouraged to host their own Arduino events to bring together people and projects: March 26, 2016 Worldwide
Microcontrollers for Educators
This workshop for educators, presented by Colorado State University and Sparkfun Electronics, aims to introduce educators to ways to bring microcontrollers such as Arduino into the classroom. From July 6, 2015 to July 10, 2015 Fort Collins, CO
National Robotics Week 2016
National Robotics Week is an initiative that recognizes the importance of robotics technology in STEM disciplines, and aims to encourage the ability of robotics to inspire technology education. There are affiliated RoboWeek events taking place in every state in the USA, including competitions, conferences, exhibits and discussions. From April 2, 2...
US FIRST Robotics Competitions
FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) run Robotics championships that span age groups from K-12, with a yearly program of competitions and events. Year-round schedule Nationwide
Global Conference on Educational Robotics 2015
The Global Conference on Educational Robotics is for students, educators, technologists and everyone who is interested in the potential uses of robotics in STEM education. The conference also includes two robotics tournaments. From July 7, 2015 to July 11, 2015 Albuquerque, NM
Arduino Software
"This is the official downloads page for Arduino, with links to the latest Arduino integrated development environment (IDE) software, release notes, and additional software not included with the IDE. "
Arduino General Code Library
This page displays user contributed snippets of code, instructions and tutorials for various Arduino applications.
Arduino Playground: Interfacing with Hardware
On this page, you can find tutorials, instructions and code for connecting Arduino boards with a variety of hardware, such as cameras, sensors and controllers.