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Graphics tablets allow for a much more sophisticated input than a computer mouse, which is unwieldy for drawing and writing. Using a graphics tablet and a stylus, users can write or draw exactly as they would using pen and paper.

Graphics tablets are commonly used to capture signatures and handwriting, but can also be used to input paper drawings by placing a drawing over the tablet and tracing on the tablet surface.
They generally offer greater precision than touchscreens and some can even track objects that are not touching the tablet. They are more expensive than touchscreens, however, and require a special input device known as the stylus. Some graphics tablets incorporate an LCD screen, which allows the user to draw directly onto the tablet and see the result on the tablet screen rather than drawing on the tablet and seeing the result of the input on the computer screen.
Graphics tablets are used to create computer graphics, particularly those that are two-dimensional. They are commonly used for technical graphics and CAD and can be used in conjunction with graphics-editing programs to put together artistic creations and publications.
Tablets can be used in classroom art, graphic design and CAD projects, in classrooms to project handwritten notes and allow students to do the same. Students can use tablets to input handwritten notes or assignments directly into a computer program. In early 2015, the Astropad app was announced, which allows people to use an iPad like a graphics tablet in conjunction with a Mac. This is a great alternative for anyone who wants to get a feel for graphics tablets before investing in one.
As many people find graphics tablets more intuitive and easy to use than a computer mouse (due to the feeling of drawing with pen on paper and using a pointing device), graphics tablets can be a great addition to art and design groups and classrooms. 
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