JavaScript Programming Language


JavaScript, a dynamic and admittedly complex programming language, is the most popular programming language in the world and most commonly used in Web browsers to display the content of Web pages.

JavaScript (JS) is not to be confused with Java, which is another programming language with very different functions. JavaScript is an object-orientated language, which is commonly used to create interactive effects within Web browsers. If JavaScript is not enabled in your browser, you may notice that it impairs the functionality of many websites when you visit them. 
Most people who use the Internet are familiar with JavaScript, even if you've yet to realize it. If you're filling out a form online and each field validates as you type, this is JavaScript at work. JavaScript allows the website to provide immediate feedback, such as when the user makes a typo, using code to create menus, validate forms, and swap images. JavaScript can also be used to create animations and provide responses and live updates without the need to reload the Web page.
Without JavaScript, Web pages would be quite static and require frequent refreshing in order for new elements to appear. JavaScript improves the user's experience by making it interactive and dynamic.
In reality, JavaScript is quite an easy scripting language to learn and can be used in the creation of applications for smartphones as well as interactive features in Web browsers. However, it is pretty much required that users have at least some familiarity with HTML and CSS to use JavaScript, as they work together.
JavaScript can be used in technology and computing classes to create Web-based applications, games and interactive features. It is an incredibly useful and fun language for students to learn, as it underpins many of the familiar features of the Web that we use every day.
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jQuery Code Library
The jQuery code library has been developed to address common issues with JavaScript's interaction with web browsers. It is versatile and extensible, and improves JavaScript's usability.