Edison V2.0 Robot – EdPack 1

Get started on your EdVenture into coding and robotics with the EdPack1, which includes 1 Edison robot and 1 EdComm programming cable:

NOTE: The EdComm cable is stored inside the battery compartment of the Edison robot during shipping.

*Backordered until January 15th 


No longer is robotics too difficult or expensive - thanks to the overloading awesomeness packed into the compact, affordable and innovative Edison Robot! Programmable and LEGO compatible, Edison comes with a bunch of super-fun, pre-programmed functions that students can activate by placing it in front of custom barcodes. Kids can program Edison to follow lines, stay within borders, avoid obstacles, play tunes and even communicate with other Edison robots. Plus, they’ll love being able to tell Edison what to do by setting up a program that lets them clap their cues to the robot! Its software program, EdWare, also gives students a super simple and fun way to jump into genuine programming using a logical and age-appropriate flowchart style, enabling a new era of 1:1 robotics in any classroom!

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