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Mass DL & CS - 6-8.CS.a.4, 6-8.CS.a.5

EZ-Robot is a robot platform that allows people to create and program their own customized robots. Using three basic robot types, open-source components and software make it possible to create any robot you can imagine.

Eduporium stocks two EZ-Robot kits: the EZ-Robot Revolution JD and EZ-Robot Revolution Six models. JD is a humanoid robot with a head, body and limbs, while Six is a hexapod – a six-legged, insect-like robot.
Both robots come with basic components, including servo motors, cameras and LEDs, but the unique thing about them is that they are completely customizable. Using intutive components, there are endless combinations of parts you can combine to create your own individual robot – and then program it to do whatever you like, whether you want it to track an object around the room, or dance to music!
EZ-Robot provides an accessible platform for children and teenagers to get involved in fun robotics projects without the long learning curve traditionally associated with robotics. EZ-Robot's “click-and-play” nature makes it easy to dive right into projects, while a variety of publicly-shared apps and projects available in the EZ-Robot Community will give students and teachers plenty of innovative ideas.
Robotics were once an expensive and complicated concept to introduce in the classroom, but, with technologies like EZ-Robot, you can have a functioning robot up and running in minutes. Interestingly, EZ-Robot makes their part designs (ez-bits) available on an open-source basis, so that you can even print your own parts if you have a 3D printer!
EZ-Robot Official Site
Discover EZ-Robot's robotics platform and unique open source robotic parts on their official site.
Why EZ-Robot?
The makers of EZ-Robot explain the genesis of their robotics creation, and the advent of the age of personal robotics.
EZ-Robot Revolution – The Revolution is Here
EZ-Robot introduce their different types of robots and components in this fun introductory video.
Revolution JD Course
Get your Revolution JD robot up and running with this comprehensive start guide from EZ-Robot.
Revolution Six Course
Find out how to get your Revolution Six hexapod connected and crawling around with this guide from EZ-Robot.
Get Started with EZ-Robot Revolution
Roboticist DJ Sures from EZ-Robot gives a complete and detailed video walkthrough of the EZ-Robot Revolution Six, Roli and JD.
EZ-Robot JD Unboxing
See what you get when you order a brand new JD robot in this unboxing video review from David Cochran.
Review: EZ-Robot Six and the EZ-Builder Software
Andrew Terranova from Makezine reviews the EZ-Robot Revolution Six and its accompanying software in this very detailed overview.
RGB Animations
Make your Revolution JD Robot's eyes come to life with flashing LED animations in this simple project from EZ-Robot.
First Dance
Create a dance routine for your JD Robot with your own mp3 file in this fun project for beginners.
Color Tracking with Movement
Discover how to enable movement tracking so that your Six robot can track a colored ball as it moves around the room.
Create a Mobile App
Once you have built your EZ-Robot, you can easily create mobile apps to interact with it and share your apps with others – this project explains how.
Connect with Nest Thermostat
Learn how to programme your JD Robot to interact with a Nest thermostat, so your robot can answer the spoken question “what is the temperature of my house?”
Bringing 3D Printing and Robot Building Classes to Miami Schools
The EZ-Robot community forums are very active, and often have discussions about the use of EZ-Robots in education – here's just one thread on starting a robotics program in a school.
Easy Tools for Using Robotics in the Classroom
ISTE provides a useful overview of different types of robotics technologies, and how to get started with them in the classroom.
Classroom Robotics: Motivating Learning and Discovery
Sharon Marzouk from Robohub describes her personal experiences of introducing robotics to the classroom, and her students' excited reactions.
School Experiments Use Robots As Learning Tools
In a rather unusual use of robotics, some schools are using robots as classroom “helpers” to teach – find out more in this article from the Wall Street Journal.
EZ-Robot Does the YMCA
You can get very creative with your JD Robot – watch as Jason from EZ-Robot explains how he makes JD dance to YMCA.
House of Robots: Robot Education
Kids explain how much fun it is to try out EZ-Robots and how they would like to learn more about robots in the future in this video from James Patterson, author of House of Robots.
Getting Schooled With EZ-Robot
DJ Sures of EZ-Robot demonstrates how young students can use the EZ-Robot platform to design, create and use their own personal robots.
Technology Lesson Plans – Robotics
Try out some fun robotics-based activities with your students with these useful teaching resources from Science Kids.
Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future, by Kathy Ceceri and Sam Carbaugh
This fun, educational introduction to the world of robots includes a background and history of robotics, as well as step-by-step instructions on building robots at home.
DJ Sures Youtube Channel
DJ Sures of EZ-Robot has a wealth of informative video tutorials and overviews on his Youtube channel, helping you to make the most of your EZ-Robot.
EZ-Robot Tutorials
Look no further than EZ-Robot's official site for a great selection of tutorials and projects to try out.
EZ-Robot Community Forum
EZ-Robot users are a very active community, and the EZ-Robot forum is a great place to get tips and project ideas.
High School Hackathon 2017
This collaborative event for high school students aims to foster a social and competitive atmosphere in which to explore programming and electronics, in order to allow students to take control of their own technology education. The event is for high school students, although younger students can attend on request. Winter 2017 Location TBD
US FIRST Robotics Competitions
FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) run Robotics championships that span age groups from K-12, with a yearly program of competitions and events. Nationwide
National Robotics Week 2017
National Robotics Week is an initiative that recognizes the importance of robotics technology in STEM disciplines, and aims to encourage the ability of robotics to inspire technology education. There are affiliated RoboWeek events taking place in every state in the USA, including competitions, conferences, exhibits and discussions. April 8-April 16...
STEMCon 2017
Join experts and researchers from across the US to discuss issues in K-12 STEM education. April 7, 2017 Cleveland, OH.
Global Conference on Educational Robotics
The Global Conference on Educational Robotics, held in Florida, is for students, educators, technologists and everyone who is interested in the potential uses of robotics in STEM education. The conference also includes two robotics tournaments. July 6-July 10, 2016 in Augustine, FL.