At the heart of Codemoji is a deep belief that learning to code should not be hindered by a lack of proficient typing or syntax confusion, but rather learning should be focused on creating, building and mastering the fundamentals of code. Codemoji empowers coders, instantly bolstering their confidence and efficiency allowing for rapid learning and long-term retention.



Yesterday was rote learning and IQ scores. Today is problem solving and persistence, envisioning and creating. There are no limits to what children can achieve and much of their success could very well depend on their coding skills. In this decade, success comes from thoughtful observation, from trying over and over again, and from unswaying dedication with genuine passion.


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Codemoji teaches kids about ciphers as they use emojis to create and share encrypted messages with their friends. Ciphers are the term for shifting the letters of the alphabet and assigning a specific value to each letter. For example, H would become T and whenever an H would appear in writing, it would change to a T. Codemoji works on the same principle, except instead of turning letters into other letters, it turns them into emojis! Learning with Codemoji is exaqctly like learning to program! Kids can instantly see how the values they supply lead to the execution of a specific action - just like coding in the real world. Now, kids as young as first grade can jump into learning how to program with a real-world tool that appeals to their own interests and skills!



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