Wise Up Wednesday | Boardshare

Every week at the Eduporium HQ, we hold Wise Up Wednesday workshops so each member of our team can learn all about the cool technology we've curated for distribution to schools and makerspaces. Our team creates presentations on the companies that we partner with so everyone can learn more about them, the amazing products they've developed and how to use them. 

BoardShare is a completely portable and interactive technology tool that allows users to create their own personalized interactive whiteboards. By inviting students to draw, annotate or even surf the Web, BoardShare can turn any space into a collaborative workstation. It is completely portable (not fixed to a classroom wall) and can easily fit into your pocket to expand the possibilities of learning without any hefty equipment. Boardshare works on any flat surface and is ready to go in less than a minute, giving students and teachers access to hundreds of software-based, virtual whiteboards.

To learn more about Boardshare, please click here
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