Wise Up Wednesday | littleBits

Every week at the Eduporium HQ, we hold Wise Up Wednesday workshops so each member of our team can learn all about the cool technology we've curated for distribution to schools and makerspaces. Our team creates presentations on the companies that we partner with so everyone can learn more about them, the amazing products they've developed and how to use them. 

littleBits are electronic LEGOS - interactive modules with unique functions that allow electronics novices to spark brilliant inventions. The Base Kit is the ideal starting point for young makers and the perfect tool for elementary teachers to introduce tinkering in the classroom. With over 150,000 circuit combinations possible using just the Base Kit alone, littleBits will keep even the most curious of children experimenting long after the final bell rings. The bits are designed specifically for children to learn about electronics through hands-on experimentation and encourage a progressive approach to learning about circuitry. The Base Kit is the foundation – a simplistic introduction to circuitry, electronics and coding as well as your gateway to more advanced STEAM learning with littleBits!

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