Wise Up Wednesday | meeperBOT

Every week at the Eduporium HQ, we hold Wise Up Wednesday workshops so each member of our team can learn all about the cool technology we've curated for distribution to schools and makerspaces. Our team creates presentations on the companies that we partner with so everyone can learn more about them, the amazing products they've developed and how to use them. 

The meeperBOT is a LEGO-compatible, app-controlled tiny little robot that surprisingly packs a pretty potent punch! Though it comes pre-assembled, the building is not done. Using the LEGO surface on the top of the meeperBOT, children can creatively combine robotics and design thinking to build up their bot while truly being compelled to think about the physics of it and considering if their structure might be too heavy, tall or wide. Kids as young as five can learn and play by controlling their meeperBOT with the meeperBOTS app and lay the groundwork for shaping design thinking and promoting creativity in all STEM subjects!

To learn more about meeperBOT, please click here
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