Wise Up Wednesday | Particle

Every week at the Eduporium HQ, we hold Wise Up Wednesday workshops so each member of our team can learn all about the cool technology we've curated for distribution to schools and makerspaces. Our team creates presentations on the companies that we partner with so everyone can learn more about them, the amazing products they've developed and how to use them. 

The various tools from Particle are designed to seamlessly introduce students to the power of programming! Using a long list of simple, intuitive and capable parts, Particle can help build future-proof tinkerers in no time. The possibilities for Internet-enabled projects are quite enormous thanks to the power-packed breadboard and brawny photon found in the various Particle kits. They also come with enough jumper wires, LEDs and cables to ensure that kids not only have the tools to succeed, but build the skills they’ll need and get familiar with the technology in the process! Using the Particle kits, they’ll be programming in no time!

To learn more about Particle, please click here
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