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Jamstik is a small MIDI guitar controller that is built to the specs of a real guitar. It helps users of all ages learn to play the guitar with realistic frets and strings, and a digital interface to display easy-to-follow lessons, integrate apps and provide real-time feedback on your playing.

The current Jamstik, called the Jamstik+, allows you to play the guitar anywhere, any time. It's a lightweight and portable MIDI controller, weighing just under 2 pounds, but, unlike other digital guitars, it has real frets and strings for a totally realistic playing experience.
The Jamstik+ is designed to link with Apple devices, so that you can work with hundreds of MIDI apps and programs, including music lessons and digital songbooks. Finger-sensing technology in the Jamstik+ tracks fine motor movements in your fingers to give you feedback and correct your playing technique for optimal knowledge gain.
Jamstik is an interactive way to learn guitar and produce other instrument sounds, including bass, piano and saxophone. Kids can learn music with step-by-step apps and receive tailored, detailed feedback on their hand movements. They can also have fun recording into MIDI sequencers and editing their music in apps like Garageband.
The Jamstik+ integrates music lessons with digital technology to create an instrument that kids can pick up and play anywhere their iPad or iPhone goes – and can learn a new technique or song on the go. It's one of the most effective and unique additions to music and technology classes, and can be used to investigate musical concepts like pitch and rhythm. 
How To Learn Guitar With The Jamstik+
The Jamstik+ works with apps and digital songbooks to give you an easy guitar-learning experience – find out how in this video.
Jamstik Official Site
Find out how to learn to play guitar and other instruments using Jamstik on their official site.
Jamstik FAQ
Wondering what Jamstik can do, and how to use it? Find out more about Jamstik and its use with apps in the official FAQ.
Jamstik – Getting Started
Get your Jamstik+ up and running with this handy guide from the official Jamstik site.
Mac Apps and Downloads
Find out how to connect your Jamstik+ to your Apple device and download the apps you need.
Learn to Play With JamTutor
JamTutor is a music teaching app specifically designed for use with the Jamstik+. Find out more about JamTutor on this page.
Jamstik Unboxing
See what to expect when you get your Jamstik in this unboxing video from a Jamstik player.
Jamstik/Jamstik+ Review
Simon Broccard reviews and demonstrates the Jamstik+, walking through the process of pairing your Jamstik+ with an iPad in this detailed video.
Play a C Major Chord 5 Different Ways
Learn how you can play a C major chord in 5 different configurations, using your Jamstik.
Play 10 Guitar Songs With 2 Easy Chords
This guitar lesson is done on an ordinary acoustic guitar, but can equally be played on a Jamstik – learn 2 easy chords that you can use to play ten different songs.
Jamstik Demo: Garageband, JamTutor and JamMix
See how Jamstik interacts with Garageband, JamTutor and JamMix in this detailed explanation and demo from Zivix, the makers of the Jamstik.
Loop recording in Garageband
Learn how to create seamless music loops using your Jamstik and Garageband in this tutorial from Zivix, the makers of the Jamstik.
Educator Testimonial: Lynn Basinger
One music educator describes how she's tried different methods of teaching stringed instruments over the years, with limited success – but found a solution in the Jamstik.
Jamstik in Education: The Campaign Continues
The Technology in Music Education blog muses on the possibility of providing Jamstiks on a large scale in guitar classes.
Jamstik at Digital Music Academy, Minneapolis
Watch the Jamstik+ in action as the students and teachers at Digital Music Academy, Minneapolis show how they use it to learn.
Jamstik in Education
Music Educators can find dedicated resources for using the Jamstik in their classes in the Education section of the Jamstik offifical site.
Learn Guitar Without Annoying Your Roommate with the Jamstik
AJ Dellinger from Thrivewire graduates from playing guitar Hero to learning on a Jamstik – playing the guitar without abandoning technology.
Jamstik in Music Education
See how the Jamstik is inspiring a new generation of musicians, through its use in the music classroom.
Aidan James – Looping with Jamstik, Vocals and Ukelele
Watch and listen as young guitar played Aidan Jones creates a whole multi-layered song using looping features with his Jamstik.
Jamstik & GarageBand – Bruno Mars “Treasure”
Two Jamstik players show just how much sound you can produce with Jamstiks linked through Garageband – by recreating an entire Bruno Mars song.
My First Guitar: Learn to Play: Kids, by Ben Parker
Ben Parker's guitar book gives kids the basics of guitar technique and simple chords to start playing songs – whether they're playing on a traditional guitar, or a Jamstik.
Jamstik Youtube Channel
Find inspiring videos of the original Jamstik and Jamstik+ in action on the official Jamstik Youtube channel.
Download the JamTutor app to learn guitar using your Jamstik+ and tailored lessons with feedback.
Jamstik Videos
See how other Jamstik+ players have used their Jamstiks to create music in this collection of videas.
10 Essential Principles For Learning Guitar
Whether you learn on a Jamstik or a traditional guitar, the fundamentals are the same – get the basics in this article from tuts+.
NextNotes High School Music Composition Competition
The NextNotes composition competition is open 14-18 year olds and is not limited by the style of music. Any instrumentation can be used, as long as the composition is your creative design. Now - January 11, 2016 (Application Deadline), Nationwide
Technology Institute of Music Education (TI:ME) Conference 2016
Join music educators who are interested in using technology to teach music at the TI:ME Conference in Texas. February 10, 2016 - February 13, 2016, San Antonio, TX
SEAMUS Conference 2016
The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States is dedicated to promoting and discussing music that depends on technology for performance. Their annual conference takes place in Georgia, with concerts, sessions, installations, and more. February 11, 2016 - February 13, 2016, Statesboro, Georgia
NAfME Music Research and  Teacher Education National Conference 2016
The National Association for Music Education holds its annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia, higher education and research communities to share what they know and review the latest developments in music techniques and trends shaping the future of the profession. March 16, 2016 - March 19, 2016, Atlanta, GA
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The Maker Faire, which is a celebration of all things inventive, creative and technological, has gone global. Check this map to find a Maker Faire near you. Ongoing, Worldwide, various locations.