Makerspaces & Workshops

Today’s schools need specific tools to ensure that students are positioned to receive a quality and properly preparatory education. There are several factors that go into creating a superior 21st Century STEM experience and, perhaps, the most important one is the specific technology that schools provide their teachers and students. Here, teachers have the opportunity to share their tried-and-true ideas and lesson plans with one another in an effort to build a community tailored for technological education.


Gather fresh learning ideas as educators share some of their favorite projects to perform at home or in school with the help of products purchased from eduporium.

Cool Tech

Explore everything from step-by-step instructions to guided demonstrations on each of our most innovative technology tools and master everything there is to know about each product.


Create custom lesson plans and share them with like-minded teachers so we can collectively create a community dedicated to finding the best ways to instill STEM education in today’s students.


Teach your students key concepts in an inventive way with ready-made activities that use technology to progressively achieve objectives. Each one varies in difficulty and subject area as your students work up the activity ladder.