DF Robot Beginner Kit For Arduino

Explore, examine and simplify the wonderful world of microcontrollers and physical computing with hands-on guidance and stability.


  • -Introduce immersive electronic interactions that ignite tech-fueled learning 
  • -Master motion and robotics using cutting-edge Arduino technology 
  • -Facilitate fantastic project-based learning with this premium product 
  • -Progress from simple to advanced projects using intuitive components 
  • -Advance rapidly with help from guide cards and tech-teaching transmitters

The Arduino Beginner Kit has been upgraded to offer a greater focus on becoming familiar with the power of Arduino technology. Starting with basic LED control and working on up to projects as complex as advanced IR remote control, DF Robot will be your in-depth guide! Bring learning alive with easy-to-use resistors, LEDs, breadboards and a variety of sensors that support new users as they excitedly burst onto the Arduino scene!



MNF# DFR0100
EAN 0 7204054 90946
Manufacturer DF Robot
Subject Filter DIY
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The DF Robot Kit features a DFRduino UNO R3 - the most stable and commonly used Arduino processor - to enable the completion of projects large and small. By placing the appropriate wires in the appropriate places on the breadboard and syncing them with the corresponding parts, the kit helps kids visualize the execution of high-tech experiments without the need for complex components. Parts like relays, motors, fans and potentiometers lead to more advanced, fantastic and quality learning with Arduino. DF Robot's elimination of intimidation and step-by-step guides make it the perfect electronics kit for any beginner.


Kit Components


  • -1 DFRduino UNO
  • -1 Prototyping Shield
  • -1 USB Cable
  • -1 Mini Breadbord
  • -1 Breadboard Jumper Cables (High Quality, 30pcs)
  • -1 6xAA Battery Holder with DC2.1 Power Jack
  • -3 Red LED 5mm
  • -3 Green LED 5mm
  • -3 Yellow LED 5mm
  • -1 8 Segment Red LED
  • -1 Common Anode RGB LED
  • -20 Resistor 220 ohm
  • -20 Resistor 1K ohm
  • -20 Resistor 4.7K ohm
  • -20 Resistor 10K ohm
  • -1 IR Remote Kit
  • -1 9g Micro Servo (1.6kg)
  • -1 Buzzer
  • -1 Ambient Light Sensor
  • -1 LM35 Temperature Sensor
  • -1 Tilt Switch Sensor
  • -4 Mini Pushbutton Switchers
  • -1 High Quality Plastic Box