Circuit Scribe Basic Kit

Live STEAM learning as you draw circuits, cut them out and connect real, flexible and open-source power.


  • -Enliven and enable cutting-edge, interactive circuit drawing experiences 
  • -Design and discover the intrigue of transistors, resistors and elements 
  • -Bridge experiential know-how with constant development and guidance 
  • -Revolutionize STEAM camps and classes with the simple stroke of a pen 
  • -Soak up circuitry knowledge with amazingly simple, hands-on projects

Circuit Scribe provides a truly innovative way of learning about electronics with minimal components and hardly any clean-up involved! All you need to get started is the Circuit Scribe pen, some paper, a couple cool components and the kit’s battery to spark creativity and witness magic as your circuits light up. Magically construct crazy cool circuits with the stroke of a pen – it’s that simple! Since it has the same feel as an ordinary pen (but boasts extraordinary power), Circuit Scribe defines precision in creativity as kids gain confidence right away thanks to such a simple tool! Explore basic electronics concepts and fine tune artistic skills at the same time – now that’s some 21st century learning!


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Manufacturer Electroninks
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Circuit Scribe’s ballpoint pen uses water-based, non-toxic, instantly-drying ink, which allows electricity to flow freely through your designs. The kit’s magnetic components snap straight into the circuits and pair perfectly with the precision of the pen without any need for complex, time-wasting wiring or soldering. Included modules allow for easy interaction thanks to indicator lights that make learning easier. Each of the four modules (power, input, connect and output) snap to any page with their steel backing and create working circuits. Thanks to its open-source nature, student-crafted designs instantly become working prototypes, opening up a world of increasingly exciting opportunities, including Arduino collaboration!


Kit Components


  • -9V Battery Adapter Module with 9V Battery 
  • -2 Bi-LED Modules 
  • -SPST Switch Module 
  • -NPN Transistor Module 
  • -2-Pin Adapter Module 
  • -Conductive Ink Pen 
  • -Circuit Stencil 
  • -Jumper Sticker Sheet 
  • -Steel Sheet