Chibitronics Chibi Lights LED Circuit Stickers STEM Starter Kit

Engage students in hands-on STEM as they interactively construct and identify functioning circuits.


  • -Enlighten independent design that’s ideal for teaching beginner electronics 
  • -Enable self-expression while excitedly introducing basic circuitry concepts 
  • -Blend enjoyable art with light technology to empower creative learning 
  • -Dazzle peers and squash fears with meaningful and tech-inspired projects 
  • -Revamp DIY electronics with fresh approaches that customize making 

Circuit Stickers let crafty kids construct glowing, sensing, interactive projects without the need for any complicated equipment or programming skills! This peel-and-stick intro to electronics uses sensor stickers and programmable LEDs that encourage kids to get creative and add lively lights, purposeful patterns or scintillating sequences to their artwork. And, best of all, they’ll transform their designs into real, functioning circuits! Circuit Stickers are made for kids of all ages and their informative guidebook enables anyone to get started with parallel circuits, switches and resistance-based sensors without the need for any programming or soldering knowledge – getting kids crafting with electronics in no time! Replace traditional wire LEDs and explore the fun benefits and magical effects of open-ended circuit activities!




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Manufacturer Chibitronics
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Circuit Stickers are designed to spark a passion for technology and art in the form of sensationally simple paper electronics. The copper tape acts not only as a cool way to enhance decoration, but that’s your conductor! Electricity travels through the tape and into the LED to provide blinking, twinkling light shows once connected properly. Just add the battery and watch in amazement as electricity flows through the tape and gives life to hand-made cards, sculptures, posters or whatever you can dream up!


Kit Components


  • -12 White LED Stickers 
  • -Red, Yellow and Blue LED Stickers (6 Each) 
  • -Roll of Copper Tape 
  • -2 Coin Cell Batteries 
  • -2 Small Binder Clips 
  • -Swatch of Conductive Plastic 
  • -Swatch of Z-Conductive Tape 
  • -Circuit Sticker Sketchbook