littleBits Synth Kit

Exhibit extra easy music creation with this fully-functional, potently powerful all-in one modular synthesizer. 

  • Play your way from amateur to professional musician with effortless ease 
  • Combine AV and sensory experiences for one imaginative masterpiece 
  • Stimulate music interest and satisfy kids’ answer-seeking exploration 
  • Explore exciting avenues for dialing up custom-mixed melodies in a snap 
  • Smash tech-heavy complications and emerge a future-ready rockstar
Grades: 3-7

Developed in partnership with Korg, a pioneer of electronic musical equipment, the Synth Kit represents an innovative model of the iconic synthesizer instrument, making it easier and more affordable than ever for kids to combine music and tech skills. Curious students can create toe-tapping melodies while building 21st century skills and personalize all kinds of beats with a powerful modular synthesizer designed to lend itself to customization. Even if children don’t have much engineering knowledge, that’s not a problem! The Synth Kit is exceptionally easy to use and designed to seamlessly connect with speakers, other instruments, and recording devices. Students can jump right in, start building some circuits, and record original music to project through memorable DIY instruments in no time!

MNF# 650-0124
EAN 0 810876 020060
Manufacturer littleBits
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Each bit in the Synth Kit is designed to be compatible with all the others to facilitate the discovery of creative structural and musical combinations. The modules’ magnetic technology allow for the creation of snap-and-go connections, eliminating the need for any soldering, wiring or programming. The 12 electronic bits in the Synth Kit easily snap together with magnets to create circuits like those in Korg’s synthesizers. The power and battery modules work together to give life to your bits - you’ll need these in every circuit. The input bits accept input from you and the environment and send signals to the modules that follow while the output modules actually DO stuff, like light up, buzz or move. The magnetic magic between modules ensures that they’re always connected the proper way, allowing learning with littleBits to truly electrify the music classroom! The kit’s even compatible with the littleBits platform, enabling infinite combinations of audio, visual and sensory experiences as well as connecting to a jack to create a homemade amplifier!


Kit Components: 

  • Power Module 
  • 2 Oscillator Modules 
  • Random Module 
  • Keyboard Module 
  • Micro Sequencer Module 
  • Envelope Module 
  • Filter Module 
  • Delay Module 
  • Mix Module 
  • Split Module 
  • Synth Speaker Module 
  • Battery and Cable 
  • Project Book