MaKey MaKey Classic

Tinker with everyday objects and use your natural conductivity to create excitingly innovative devices.

  • Ace conductivity through hands-on trial and error and dynamic play
  • Enlist the power of the imagination to creatively clarify circuitry concepts
  • Transform odds and ends into interactive, functional controller pads
  • Explore cause and effect relationships as you complete the circuit
  • Encourage passion-driven experimentation to shape modern students

Grades: K-4


MaKey MaKey's essence lies in its name - curious kids are constantly finding new ways to 'make' anything a 'key.' Children of all ages can creatively leverage the unique technology found inside the MaKey MaKey interface and its alligator clips to craft functioning tools out of common objects. Using the conductivity found naturally in people, the MaKey MaKey enables students to complete circuits by grasping an alligator clip in one hand and connecting the other end to any conductive object, showing how they can creatively control chaos using their own bodies! This go-to STEM superstar will expand children's imaginations as they scramble to find the next thing they want to turn into a computer keyboard! It only needs a tiny bit of conductivity to work and there’s no wrong way to interact with technology, truly making the MaKey MaKey an invention kit for everyone! 

EAN 0 885101 791909
Manufacturer Joy Labz
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The MaKey MaKey takes advantage of the conductivity that is naturally present in you and me to create truly interactive projects that illustrate basic science concepts. When “grounded” to the board, any user also grasping the alligator clips becomes a real circuit that real electricity can flow through. Not feeling too conductive? That’s okay! Most objects are able to take your place to demonstrate conductivity, including a spoon, pencil and even a banana! When you touch a connected object, the MaKey MaKey sends the computer a message (the computer thinks the MaKey MaKey is just a regular keyboard) and it performs the action of the corresponding button on the board! 


Kit Components:

  • Makey Makey Board
  • USB Cable
  • 7 Alligator Clips
  • 6 Connector Wires
  • Instructions with Visual Project Start Guide
  • Online Documentation
  • 20 Color Stickers