Kano Computer Kit - Raspberry Pi 3

Jump into fun-filled programming, coding, and creation with this phenomenally simple computer construction kit.

  • Delegate the power for students to assemble and code a DIY computer 
  • Incentivize hands-on programming that's fun, interactive, and low-key 
  • Experience the satisfaction of creating tip-top tech – not just using it 
  • Follow amazingly simple and clear-cut cues to connect with the world 
  • Shape a fantastically fascinating future of building apps and writing code

Grades: 1-5


The Kano is an all-in-one kit that combines the power of Raspberry Pi with the simplicity of LEGO and comes with all the parts kids need to build their very own computer from scratch! Its award-winning design facilitates independent learning as kids aged six and up are able to teach themselves to start coding in the easiest way possible. All they need to do is follow the amazingly easy and insanely detailed instruction booklet to put it all together and connect it to a TV or computer screen to start learning. Thanks to over 10,000 hours spent with educators, parents, artists, and kids, the Kano guidebook was perfectly developed to speak directly and clearly to children. Once students collaborate to get the Kano put together, they’re then able to complete up to 1,000 different projects and learn to code games like Minecraft, Snake, and Pong! Kano really is perfect for engaging students in a unique way and helping them learn real-world skills while they think they’re playing!

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Manufacturer Kano
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All of Kano’s unique apps, games, and its operating system are designed to catalyze learning with a 21st century purpose. Each component is simple, powerful, and kid-crafted -- they connect everything themselves and end up with a legitimate computer. The Raspberry Pi is the brain that gives the Kano power, allowing it to operate effectively, and the Raspberry Pi 3 that comes in the kit makes this DIY PC up to 50 percent faster. Its system-on-a-chip idea powers the computer with an ARM 700MHz CPU and 512MB RAM, plus the Kano OS comes preloaded on the kit’s SD card. And the keyboard? It’s wireless and Bluetooth-enabled! From the HDMI cable to the power cord, all the pieces are extremely intuitive and lead kids on a creative quest of construction! Kano comes with a charger, Raspberry Pi 3, DIY speaker, keyboard, SD card, HDMI cable, power cable, and a Wi-Fi dongle, ensuring all students need to do is pop open the box, flip open the guidebook and start on their way to engineering excellence!


Kit Components:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Storytelling Guidebooks 
  • DIY Speaker 
  • Bluetooth Keyboard 
  • Kano OS 
  • SD Card 
  • Protective Case 
  • Stickers 
  • HDMI Cable 
  • Power Cable 
  • Wi-Fi Dongle