EZ-Robot JD Humanoid Revolution Robot Kit

Amaze and astound as you learn coding and robotics basics with this magnificently simple and unimaginably powerful humanoid robot.


  • -Launch open-source access and unleash crazy cool robotics projects 
  • -Master the ins and outs of robotic behavior with personalized precision 
  • -Maximize STEM learning with the fun and educational humanoid design 
  • -Eliminate the learning curve with intuitive components and simple software
  • -Imagine, program and customize a socially interactive robotics experience

This friendly Humanoid robot features 16 amazingly simple snap-together servos (click-and-play components) that make learning about programming and robotics absolutely easy and completely customizable. Teach your EZ-Robot to track an object around the room or start a dance party by designing your own dance routine! The modular components (ez-bits) are interchangeable, promoting a mix-and-match, trial-and-error approach to learning and open-source, so they can even be custom 3D printed! All that and EZ has the ability to live stream video with the Internet of Things - it doesn’t get much smarter than that.

MNF# 0031
EAN 0 890080 001031
Manufacturer EZ-Education Solutions
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EZ-Robot is the world’s easiest and most powerful robot for experimentation and STEM education. They are assembled using modular ez-bits - clip-and-play, no-tools-required technology that enables creativity and endless configurations. EZ-Robot’s EZ-B v4 robot brain is tremendously powerful, compact and intelligent, giving it the ability to walk, talk, recognize verbal commands and even learn. And its camera? It can recognize faces and track objects using just a simple Wi-Fi connection. Its unified robot platform combines powerful hardware, clip-and-play modularity and its innovative ez-builder software to facilitate real-world robot applications all controlled from your laptop. With remote processing capabilities, point-and-click programming and seamless scaling with new technology, the EZ-Robot is a beginner programmer’s dream robot!


*Ships from Manufacturer. Please allow two weeks of processing time. 




  • -Built-in Camera 
  • -Built-in Speakers 
  • -Voice Recognition 
  • -ez-builder Software
  • -Wi-Fi Enabled for Mobile Control 
  • -EZ-32 Bit, 120 Mhz, ARM 
  • -Compact Size (5cm x 5cm x 3cm) 
  • -200MHz 32-bit Total Processing 
  • -Embedded Web server 
  • -Energy Efficient Digital Switching Power Supply 
  • -Resettable Fuse Protection 
  • -Reverse Polarity Protection 
  • -Supports up to 73 Servos 
  • -3 High-speed UART Ports 
  • -Battery and Temperature Monitor
  • -Charger