EZ-Robot Six Revolution Robot Kit

Master robotics, learn coding and embrace intuitive invention with this brilliantly designed and student-programmable hexapod robot.


  • -Spark rapid STEAM advancement and shape robotics and coding expertise 
  • -Assemble and customize your perfectly precise, awesomely optical robot 
  • -Optimize interaction with real-time, student-created software programming 
  • -Revamp learning with stunning simplicity and voracious versatility
  • -Inspire student creativity and foster real-world robotic applications

The Six Hexapod is a robot kit that enables, defines and flourishes with hands-on customization. It boasts six fully-functional legs and, as the EZ-Robot creators describe it, 12 extremely capable degrees of freedom. The joints of “The Six” are powered by 12 heavy-duty servo motors, allowing for unique, dynamic and programmable movement - whether it's responding to external stimuli or executing requested commands. Plus, its friendly appearance makes the EZ-Robot Six an instant hit with the kids as it elicits fascination and pushes them to develop coding and robotics knowledge they can see and enjoy instantly!

MNF# 0030
EAN 0 890080 001024
Manufacturer EZ-Education Solutions
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EZ-Robot is the world’s easiest and most powerful robot for experimentation and STEM education. They are assembled using modular ez-bits - clip-and-play, no-tools-required technology that enables creativity and endless configurations. EZ-Robot’s EZ-B v4 robot brain is tremendously powerful, compact and intelligent, giving it the ability to walk, talk, recognize verbal commands and even learn. And its camera? It can recognize faces and track objects using just a simple Wi-Fi connection. Its unified robot platform combines powerful hardware with clip-and-play modularity while its innovative ez-builder software facilitates real-world robot applications all controlled from your laptop. With remote processing capabilities, point-and-click programming and seamless scaling with new technology, the EZ-Robot is a beginner programmer’s dream robot!


*Ships from manufacturer; please allow two weeks of processing time.




  • -EZ-B v4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller 
  • -Hexapod Body (Battery Included) 
  • -LiPo Robot Battery 
  • -LiPo Battery Balancer Charger 
  • -EZ-B v4 Camera 
  • -12 Lever Servo-motors 
  • -6 Pegs 
  • -Wire Spiral Wrap Pack 
  • -ez-builder Software (with Apps)