Teknikio Activating Origami Kit

Traditional folding and shaping revamped into a tech-infused element of creative art design.


  • -Vivify sculptures and observe how sparkling tech affects movement 
  • -Sharpen design skills to optimize everyday objects with kid-crafted power 
  • -Enlarge the STEAM spectrum and truly merge art with cool technology 
  • -Maximize PBL engagement and simplify science with step-by-step artistry 
  • -Extend experiential learning with circuitry projects that define uniqueness

Teknikio is designed to empower kids to actively engage in making their own uniquely powerful toys and fascinatingly superior gadgets. Each kit focuses on transforming an age-old task into something that’s modern, exciting and helps rapidly shape and nurture those important STEM skills. With the origami kit, the creative possibilities might as well be infinite, but some of the best projects we’ve seen include masterful origami robots and light-up fabric badges. Imagination is the key and, with Teknikio, kids learn to invent, design, and engineer while they express their creative side through art with no soldering required!





MNF# 638353999070
EAN 6 38353 999070
Manufacturer Teknikio
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In order to add power to origami structures, the positive (long leg) side of the LED must connect to the positive end of the power source and the negative (short leg) to the negative power source. The conductive tape allows electricity to flow through from one end to the other, incorporating artistic design to complete the circuit and light the LED. The power that originates in the battery board and flows through the conductive tape is then used to power motors or add light effects that give life to paper designs!


Kit Components


  • -Invent-abling motor board
  • -Invent-abling battery board
  • -2 batteries
  • -4 LED lights
  • -4 fasteners
  • -1 piece of copper tape
  • -6 sheets of origami paper