Teknikio Fabtronic Sewing Set

Revamp traditional sewing into a modern-day artistic showcase of custom creativity that incorporates live circuits and shapes design skills.


  • -Explore and dissect innovative components that mimic the real world 
  • -Master time-tested skills by sprinkling in some modern technology 
  • -Define the power of imagination while grasping STEM concepts 
  • -Spark new passions with an interactive mesh of textiles and electronics 
  • -Extend making with hand-crafted sculptures that have real-world relevance

The fabulous Fabtronic Sewing Kit brings a 21st century element to common chores by letting ambitious kids aged 8 and up sew a light onto anything! Not only does it get kids working with their hands, this kit from Teknikio encourages experimentation with incorporating custom lighting and helps fine tune sewing skills. The custom parts, including conductive thread, sewable LEDs and a batteryboard are all reusable, meaning the chances for creativity never end! Cut out stencils for perfectly aligned creations and sew your way into the mind-blowing world of DIY circuitry.

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Manufacturer Teknikio
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In order to add power to fabric structures, the positive (long leg) side of the LED must connect to the positive end of the power source and the negative (short leg) to the negative power source. The conductive tape allows electricity to flow through from one end to the other, incorporating artistic design to complete the circuit and light the LED. The power that originates in the battery board and flows through the conductive tape is then used to add light effects that give life to fabric designs! Mix, match and fold your art to find creative places to add light - like the eye of a whale! When the batteries touch, the circuit’s complete and the light shines bright!


Kit Components


  • -2 Invent-abling White Sewable LEDs 
  • -Invent-abling Battery Board 
  • -2 Batteries 
  • -Conductive Thread 
  • -4 Metal Snaps 
  • -Cross-stitch Color-Changing Fabric 
  • -Embroidery Hoop 
  • -Needle