Teknikio Sparking Sense Kit

Spark a sensible, tech-infused twist to master hands-on activation and become a true designer.


  • -Transform simple switches into sensationally self-designed sensors 
  • -Master the multi-purpose mechanics of interactive, maker-based circuitry 
  • -Activate awe-inspiring gadgets through a simplified invention process 
  • -Explore the peaks of design thinking while stretching the imagination 
  • -Extend MakerEd with hand-crafted sculptures that add real-world relevance

Light, buzzers, action! The Sparking Sense Kit from Teknikio presents a completely guided, beginner-level introduction to circuitry, mechanics and electronic interaction. Its 12 components, from LEDs to alligator clips, spark a fresh approach to invent, design and engineer your way to mastering increasingly important STEM concepts. There’s no soldering required and the kit contains a step-by-step guide to walk users through the exciting process of activating objects with each component! What’s the best part? All the pieces are completely reusable – promoting endless making and remaking!

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Manufacturer Teknikio
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In order to add power to DIY structures, the positive (long leg) side of the LED must connect to the positive end of the power source and the negative (short leg) to the negative end of the power source. The conductive tape allows electricity to flow through from one end to the other, incorporating artistic design to complete the circuit and light the LED. The power that originates in the battery board and flows through the conductive tape is then used to power motors or add light effects that give life to your designs!


Kit Components


  • -2 LEDs 
  • -Teknikio Battery Board 
  • -Battery 
  • -3 Alligator Clips 
  • -Lever Switch 
  • -Tilt Switch 
  • -Push Button Switch 
  • -Rocker Switch 
  • -Reed Switch 
  • -Cardboard Model 
  • -Copper Tape (1 piece) 
  • -Buzzer