Arduino Starter Kit

Build your way to coding and electronics expertise by constructing projects with all-encompassing power.


  • Bundle the basics and launch Arduino know-how with beginner projects
  • Exemplify creativity while crafting hands-on projects with in-depth guides 
  • Grasp complete control of the physical world using limitless sensors 
  • Customize from end to end, incorporating your board’s flashy flexibility 
  • Unlock the future and evolve from amateur to professional programmer

The Starter Kit is your guide to learning, understanding and seamlessly implementing the basics of Arduino in a snap! It helps foster inquiry-based learning in ambitious students while helping introduce brand new components for use in wildly creative projects. Ready to start programming? Arduino’s Starter Kit contains all that curious kids need to code their way to master status. If that’s not enough, combine your kit with Arduino’s series of video tutorials or 150-page project guide and watch the learning boom! Students will learn the skills to control everyday objects using the power of code and, thanks to Arduino's increasing relevance, they'll be abel to seamlessly transfer these problem-solving skills into all aspects of their academic lives!

MNF# K000007
EAN 0 640522 698691
Manufacturer Arduino


Compatibility Arduino
Brand compatibility Arduino
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With the Starter Kit, everything is open source. Its easy-to-use hardware and software pairs with the Arduino Uno to facilitate powerfully connected devices! The boards’ micro-controller is programmed using the Arduino programming language, which is designed to introduce programing to novices and designers who might be unfamiliar with software development. Because Arduino boards are extremely flexible and versatile, they lend themselves to experimentation, invention and combination with other computing platforms, such as the Raspberry Pi. Resistors, actuators and LEDs converge to expand capabilities and enhance learning with projects kids can see, feel and relate to forever.


Kit Components


  • -Project Book 
  • -Arduino Uno 
  • -USB cable 
  • -Breadboard 
  • -70 Solid Core Jumper Wires 
  • -Easy-to-assemble Wooden Base 
  • -9v Battery Snap 
  • -2 Stranded jumper wires 
  • -6 Photoresistors 
  • -3 Potentiometers 
  • -10 Pushbuttons 
  • -Temperature Sensor 
  • -Tilt Sensor