Tech Will Save Us - DIY Thirsty Plant Kit

Twist and tinker to construct functional handmade devices for your own future-ready garden.


  • Develop a tech-based understanding and appreciation of nature 
  • Flaunt your expertise in assembly, solar energy, and circuitry 
  • Transform gardening to a STEM skill building experience 
  • Craft cool projects that briliiantly mix resourcefulness and service
  • Instill a lifelong passion for creativity in everyday tasks

Grades: 3-5


Each kit combines modern-day technology with passion-filled hobbies to make making more enjoyable! With the Thirsty Plant, kids access their hidden maker skills as they use handmade circuits to make solar-powered moisture sensors that alert them when to add water. They can even play around and place the solar panel wires on their tongue to feel the buzz of the sun’s power! Kids will learn all about solar energy while making their own interactive sensors! And, the inventing doesn’t stop there -- project possibilities include automatic watering cans and tech-savvy plants that can tweet! With the Thirsty Plant Kit, students can grow from passive consumers to green-savvy gardeners with hands-on projects made easy!


MNF# TKIT_0105
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Manufacturer Tech Will Save Us
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The solar-powered mechanisms of the Thirsty Plant kit alert kids when it’s time for watering and the moisture sensor provides feedback informing then when the plant’s thirst has been quenched! The kit’s wires are twistable to provide for a simple electronic introduction for even the most inexperienced students. No batteries or expertise are needed as Thirsty Plant projects combine LEDs, wires, cables and natural resources to beautify your garden using solar energy! All you need is some plaster, a couple of nails and your own pair of eager hands and Thirsty Plant’s sensors will do the rest - tell you when your plant is wet enough! Not only is this kit a simple way for kids to learn about solar energy, it's an easy opportunity to give them the added responsibility of caring for a plant.


Kit Components:

  • 2 LEDs 
  • 2 MOSFET 
  • 2 47K ohm Resistor 
  • 2 Copper nails 
  • Sensor wire 
  • Plastic marker 
  • Plaster of Paris 
  • Waterproof casing