Tech Will Save Us - DIY Electro Dough Kit

Extend sculpting and invent unlimited ways to add DIY digital elements to your structures. 

  • Revolutionize STEAM projects and electrify hands-on sculpting 
  • Integrate customized light and sound in creative circuitry project 
  • Shape electronics and innovative design skills earlier than ever 
  • Invent functional, DIY devices by enlisting the power of imagination 
  • Harness transformative tinkering and growth right in the classroom

Grades: 2-5


The Electro Dough Kit is your child’s gateway to personalizing hand-crafted sculptures with functional light, sound and whatever other designs they’d like to add! Kids will have a blast showcasing their creative talents as they discover they can turn any household item into conductive and insulating Electro Dough just by following the Electro Dough recipe book. Bringing their DIY sculptures to life by adding eyes, bodies or switches will quickly feel more like play than work! Amplify and radiate everyday objects and learn how to make the ordinary extraordinary by completing the circuit. Invent new ways to use old objects and challenge kids to exercise their imagination by connecting the Electro Dough Kit with Arduino or MaKey MaKey!

MNF# TKIT_0134
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Manufacturer Tech Will Save Us
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Electro Dough features components that allow for the creation of interactive circuits and illustrate the need for electrical currents to flow through unhindered paths. When placed in the path of the current, the kit’s LEDs and buzzers create a bright light or vibrant sound as electricity flows through them. On the other hand, tossing a switch in the current’s path will disrupt its flow and provide a mind-opening solution to turning the circuit on and off! The Electro Dough itself also acts as a resistor in your very own circuit.

Kit Components:

  • Battery holder 
  • Buzzer 
  • 6 Crocodile clips 
  • 3 Dough cutters 
  • Electro Dough 
  • 10 Jumper Wires 
  • 10 Green LEDs 
  • 10 Red LEDs 
  • 2 Tilt switches 

*(4 AA Batteries - not included)