Tech Will Save Us - DIY Synth Kit

Craft your way to electronic superstardom by creating your own music.
    -Prepare children for a world of tech-focused projects and experiences
    -Master frequency control on this sensationally simple circuit
    -Evoke wonder kids can use technology to explore
    -Apply real-world uses of technology to everyday hobbies
    -Perfect music creation with cool tools in the Maker Age


The reusable Synth Kit proudly boasts the distinction of bridging both innovation and technology seamlessly into music production! Explore the multitude of options for crafting a music maker with kids as they plug the various components into the breadboard and experiment with a wide array of sound creations. They’ll learn all about frequency and circuitry as they’ll help control and set the volume on their hand-made circuit. Challenge kids to get inventive and use their imagination to customize their circuits, add resistors or pair it with an Arduino to create weird and wonderful noises!

MNF# TKIT_0135
EAN 0 400003 149155
Manufacturer Tech Will Save Us
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The DIY Synth Kit is powered by a PP3 9V battery and Tech Will Save Us warns about trying to use another kind of battery. Using this kit, eager experimenters can mix and match to create one of three different kits: stutter, classic or dub siren. The snap-and-go components of the Synth Kit are reusable and allow children to reinvent their creations by pulling it apart and reconfiguring. Once they craft a synth with their own hands, there are hundreds of ways to hack it and plenty of ways to share the results with the world!

Kit Components
-Plastic Casing
-Battery Spacer
-20 Jumper Wires
-556 Timer IC (Integrated circuit)
-8 ohm Speaker
-9v Battery Clip
-10uf Electrolytic Capacitor
-100uf Electrolytic Capacitor
-Push Button
-1k Resistor
-4.7k Resistor
-10k Resistor
-2 470k Potentiometers
-2.2k Potentiometer
-2 10nf Ceramic Capacitors
-NOT INCLUDED: 9v Battery