Teenage Engineering PO-14 Sub

Wow the music department and combine creativity, portability, and art as kids fashion memorable melodies with just their thumbs.

  • Bolster music skills and pique interest with a rhythmically engaging tool 
  • Display stunning synths and define personalization with custom effects 
  • Dabble in the wide world of mash-ups and sound experimentation 
  • Encourage innovative experimentation with a beat-boosting synthesizer 
  • Toggle and master waves and voltage for top-notch music compositions
Grades: 6-8
010 AS 014A

On the surface, the PO-14 looks to be just the bare bones for creating orchestral bass sounds, but, in reality, it has a ton of functionality. Its 16 different sounds provide for the possibility of finagling completely customized choruses or an entire set list of beats! The PO’s screen gives users an interactive visual indication of how much swing is available as well as the range of tempo and provides the option for using one of three pre-set tempos: hip-hop, techno or disco. All you need is two quick-moving fingers to masterfully compose your own custom basslines. Easily enter and clear up to 16 different punch-in effects and you’ll be well on your way to livening up the auditorium! Plus, the PO-14 has made it even easier for music students to toggle between modes and master different nuances of music production, illustrating there's always an alternative to completing a job when technology's in play!


MNF# 010 AS 014A
EAN 7350073030491
Manufacturer Teenage Engineering
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The PO-14 features 16 punch-in effects for aspiring musicians to easily program their very own original beats. Using the pocket operator, it’s totally simple to select from a multitude of pre-programmed options, including tempo, sound parameters, and many unique effects! The PO’s 16 buttons represent the 16 sounds it can make with bass drum, cymbal, cow bell, and snare all possibilities - whatever’s your preference! You can even use this compact music maker as an alarm - there’s no need to ever put it down! Students can simply select the function they want enabled (pattern, sounds, or BPM), and then pucnh it the options they want included! Each option is displayed on the keyboard with the numbers 1-16 and all the other possibilities are there for them to dabble with, too!



  • 16 punch-in effects including delay, bit crusher and filters. 
  • 16 punch-in bass oriented play styles 
  • Parameter locks 
  • Auto compressor 
  • Hardware limiter 
  • 16-step sequencer 
  • 16 patterns 
  • 16 pattern chaining 
  • Clock 
  • Alarm clock 
  • Jam sync with audio through 
  • 3.5 mm audio out / in 
  • Animated unique LCD display