littleBits Hardware Development Kit

Tinker, test and transform until you invent brand new littleBits modules from your own clever cognizance.


  • -Ignite prototyping prominence with color-coded circuitry for savvy students 
  • -Probe your circuits to perfectly understand their functions and properties 
  • -Empower early-onset entrepreneurship stemming from purposeful invention 
  • -Simplify complex prototyping and grasp the basics of breadboard technology 
  • -Encourage all-purpose inventiveness to instantly uplift educational expertise

Make any littleBits module you can dream up and add it to your already buzzing, blinking and vibrating littleBits library! The littleBits Hardware Development Kit truly helps spark an innovative sense of inventiveness in young children and sets them up to become part of the world’s next great group of entrepreneurs. Its two prototyping modules allow kids to connect PCB’s and breadboards while the perf module facilitates the construction of small but powerful circuits right on the module. Kids will quickly work up to designing their own PCB using the bitSnap connectors and breadboard, becoming experts of innovative design and developing awesome technological skills in the process!

MNF# 680-0005
EAN 0 810876 020602
Manufacturer littleBits
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The Hardware Development Kit enables kids to craft their own input and output modules, measure the current draw of their littleBits chain and probe the activity in their circuits using two different components: the perf module and bitSnaps. The VCC and ground pins of the perf module are pre-wired, but all other pins must be wired point-to-point with jumpers in order to work. As for the bitSnaps, kids can make their own modules by attaching bitSnaps to either end of their printed circuit board while easily snapping modules together and preventing incorrect connections. Using the kit and kid-crafted input circuits, input modules are able to change the signals traveling through a littleBits circuit while the output modules produced by young makers use the signal traveling through, but don’t change it at all.


Kit Components


  • -2 Proto Modules 
  • -Perf Module 
  • -12 bitSnaps (6 Male, 6 Female) 
  • -Color-coded bitSnap stickers (Blue, Pink, Orange and Green)