littleBits Smart Home Kit

Craft Internet-connected devices to help out at home and maximize efficiency in honing key concepts.


  • -Create 21st century change agents with creative computerization at home 
  • -Repurpose everyday items to efficiently ease in to the new automated era 
  • -Bring the power of DIY construction and the IoT to invention-minded kids 
  • -Fashion gripping gadgets that spark problem-solving supremacy in teens
  • -Launch the smart home adventure with invaluable innovation and projects

Just snap your custom-crafted littleBits circuits to common household items, flick the Internet on and you’ve got your very own smart devices thanks to the littleBits Smart Home Kit! Instead of replacing old and worn-out objects, the Smart Home Kit facilitates fruitful upcycling while building real-world resourcefulness in tech-savvy inventors. With the ability to control your AC from anywhere, feed the pets remotely or come up with original ideas for hacking your household, the Smart Home Kit is the easiest way to snap the Internet to anything! Featuring brand new bits, this 21st century toolbox gets kids crafting meaningfully without the need for programming or wiring – just Internet.

MNF# 680-0001
EAN 0 810876 020657
Manufacturer littleBits
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The Smart Home kit features 14 powerful littleBits modules, including two new ones in the temperature sensor and MP3 player! The cloudBit and its 11 accessories allow for ultimate power in transmitting a wireless signal to compel your circuits to complete their actions. Control wall outlets, appliances and almost any device you might have in the house all with the power of the Internet of Things! Using the Cloud Control app, kids can control their cloud-based circuits from across the room or across the world and, with IFTTT, the circuits connect to popular Internet services, allowing kids to build their own code using the littleBits API! The cloudBit interacts in one of three ways: cloudBit to Web, Web to cloudBit or cloudBit to cloudBit, enabling lightning fast, IoT-based communication!


Kit Components


  • -USB Power Module 
  • -Light Sensor Module 
  • -Button Module 
  • -Servo Module 
  • -Sound Trigger Module 
  • -Bright LED Module 
  • -Split Module 
  • -Synth Speaker Module 
  • -MP3 Player Module 
  • -IR Transmitter Module 
  • -Temperature Sensor Module 
  • -Threshold Module 
  • -Number Module 
  • -cloudBit Module 
  • -Screwdriver 
  • -6 Shoes 
  • -Servo Accessories 
  • -2 Mounting Boards 
  • -USB Power Adapter + Cable 
  • -AC Switch 
  • -Booklet