Circuitry Starter Bundle

Fuse light creativity and simple tech to teach key skills through the careful construction of DIY electronics.


  • -Intensify classroom engagement with intuitive STEM-boosting tech tools 
  • -Illuminate the core concepts of electricity with personalized projects 
  • -Enable enriched STEM learning and the mastery of technologies 
  • -Design electrifying experiments that will churn kids’ budding minds


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littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition

Increase inventive expertise with a host of powerful components that help kids turn ordinary objects into out-of-this-world inventions. The second edition of the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit ie revamped and ready to kickstart a fun-filled foray into maker learning. With this tech-filled toolbox, kids will engage in project-based and playful invention that strengthens their knowledge end empowers creativity!

LightUp Edison Kit

The LightUp Edison Kit is a fun and easy way for kids to learn the core concepts of electricity, circuitry and engineering in the simplest way possible! With no soldering or electrical expertise required, your young students can personalize any STEAM project and refine their hands-on knowledge with guidance from the free LightUp Learning App!

MaKey MaKey

MaKey MaKey is the coolest way to introduce kids to circuitry as it lets them turn any object they want into a fully-functioning computer interface. All it needs is a little bit of conductivity (and, thankfully, kids have plenty!) to complete the circuit and provide interactive and entertaining learning experiences! There's no better tool to encourage creativity and modern invention in today's STEAM classrooms!

Circuit Stickers Starter Kit

Circuit Stickers are the peel-and-play answer for crafting real circuits that add interactivity to any handmade project without any complicated steps! Any sticker-friendly surface becomes electronic when you add Circuit Stickers and, combined with LED’s, the creativity will never end! All you need is your imagination and you can add electricity to any design!

Snap Circuits Green

With Snap Circuits, kids blend the power of electronics with the importance of environmentally friendly solutions and learn how to “think green!” The full-colored Snap Circuits manual features over 120 projects that teach kids the importance of friendly energy and how electricity works. Use it to lay the groundwork for powerful, planet-saving projects in the future!

Teknikio Activating Origami Set

Teknikio encourages kids to explore the possibilities when they mix creative design with circuitry! By adding simple circuits to paper sculptures, they can instantly animate them to create the most unique projects they’ve ever seen! Start simple and work your way up to the origami robot sculpture – Teknikio will help kids progress stage by stage and become true modern inventors! Bring the STEAM and add a modern component to paper design as Teknikio combines traditional origami with contemporary electronics! 


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