Music Starter Bundle

Compose creative sounds with this ultramodern combo of the latest tech and toe-tapping music.


  • -Achieve a well-rounded STEAM education through play 
  • -Connect tech skills with the arts to spark new appreciation
  • -Blend music production with practical tech education 
  • -Maximize the learning process with intuitive instruction 
  • -Unite the music and tech worlds with ideal efficiency


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Jamstik, the smart, Bluetooth-enabled guitar, combines modern-age technology with a love for learning to play the guitar! It wirelessly connects with your device and pairs with interactive apps so that anyone from beginners to musical pros can learn or retune their skills. Just grab your pick and you’ll definitely learn it quick…with Jamstik.

littleBits Synth Kit

littleBits has done it again…now they’re super intuitive modules help novice artists create brilliant beats and turn an ordinary music class into an interactive quest of producing the best songs! Use the Synth Kit to make your own instruments and combine both audio and visual experiences. It also connects to speakers, computers and headphones so your tunes will be amplified for everyone to hear!

Tech Will Save Us DIY Synth Kit

With Tech Will Save Us, it’s never been easier for makers of all ages to make, play and invent! Their DIY Synth Kit is an easy-to-use electronic music maker with no soldering required! Kids can customize their chords and add light, sound and customized cases and keyboards. The best part is that the Synth Kit can be taken apart and used over and over again!

MaKey MaKey

So, there’s making music and then there’s MAKING music. With MaKey MaKey, students can create real, functioning musical instruments out of almost any object imaginable! The interface takes advantage of the natural conductivity found in people and kids complete the circuit to construct innovative projects that radiate beautiful sounds. Have them play the piano with a banana or make the entire classroom one big instrument – so many options!

Bare Paint Jar

Kids can paint their instruments too. Anything’s a canvas and Bare Paint supplies the conductivity for the creation of live circuits! Want to highlight that ‘A’ in STEAM? Kids will love painting a piano they can actually play – and it’s a great way to include an introduction to circuitry and electronics!


*The new price is the price when purchasing this entire bundle. The regular price is the total if all products were purchased separately. 

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