Primo - Cubetto Playset

Demystify the complexities of coding by teaching kids as young as three in an amazingly innovative way.

  • Cultivate early programming skills with a child-friendly introduction 
  • Combine basic coding and physical play to break down programming 
  • Launch real-world skills and kids get ahead through productive play
  • Expand logic and cause-and-effect skills throughcreative coding
  • Spark large-scale learning and delve into coding without any fear

Grades: PK-1


Cubetto is a smiling wooden robot built to teach the basic ideas of coding to children as young as 3 years old. Perfect for preschool classrooms, this engaging tool will help students understand the very basics of programming by supplying the movements and direction of the robot! With a simple, building block-like interface and basic controls, Cubetto is incredibly accessible for young kids, even those who have not yet learned to read. Its included storybook, world map, and colorful blocks inspire children’s imaginations, sowing the seeds of creativity and problem solving through play. By sticking to the basic ideas of programming, Cubetto keeps young kids interested, engaged, and challenged without confusing them or making them overwhelmed. Cubetto is the perfect tool for mixing meaningful learning and play through inspiring adventures to create a screenless, friendly, and all-encompassing introduction to coding. 

Manufacturer Primo
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The Cubetto Playset consists of three main components: The wooden Cubetto robot, its control board, and 16 brightly colored code blocks. The blocks, when placed on the control board, trigger signals that are sent to Cubetto and tell it to execute certain actions based on the combinations of the blocks. Three of the four blocks represent simple commands -- forward, turn left, and turn right -- so children can easily understand the relationship between inputs and outputs. The fourth block, the “command” block, acts as a shortcut representing the sequence of commands in the bottom, boxed-off row of the control board, which is used for creating loops or subroutines in programming. Kids can simply place blocks into the slots on the board and push the button, prompting Cubetto to follow the commands in real time!


Kit Components:

  • Cubetto Robot
  • Control Board
  • 16 Blocks
  • World Map
  • Story Book