Particle Maker Kit

Go from hardware zero to hacker hero with a kit that brilliantly exposes students to Web-based programming.


  • -Magnify maker-based creativity with a plethora of user-friendly parts 
  • -Increase familiarity and comfortability with innovative technology 
  • -Embolden enhanced inclusion with powerful, Internet-enabled projects 
  • -Construct simple smart devices with skill-building, intuitive hardware 
  • -Kickstart a commitment to creativity with endless project possibilities

The Maker Kit from Particle is an ability-appropriate toolbox designed to seamlessly introduce students to the power of programming! Using a long list of simple, intuitive and capable parts, the Maker Kit will build future-proof tinkerers in no time. The possibilities for Internet-enabled projects are quite enormous thanks to the power-packed breadboard and brawny photon found in the Maker Kit. It also comes with enough jumper wires, LEDs and cables to ensure that kids not only have the tools to succeed, but build the skills they’ll need and get familiar with the technology in the process! Using the Maker Kit, they’ll be programming in no time!





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Manufacturer Particle
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Using the Maker Kit, kids can construct viable, real-world devices they can control from their computer. The included breadboard allows students to explore LEDs, capacitors and more by constructing instruments they can then program to carry out whatever they choose! The centerpiece of the kit - the photon - is your guiding light, enabling kids to compose projects connected to the Internet of Things. The Maker Kit encourages kids to become 21st century writers as they navigate their way through new kinds of programming and come out experts in creating the code that will shape the future! Although it needs batteries to work, the Maker Kit efficiently introduces all kinds of exploration to students as early on as middle school.


Kit Components:


  • -Photon with Headers 
  • -USB Micro B Cable 
  • -Flex Antenna 
  • -Mini Breadboard 
  • -Proto-board 
  • -Deluxe Jumper Wire Pack 
  • -10 Male-to-female Jumper Wires 
  • -7 Headers 
  • -10 Ceramic Capacitors 
  • -5 Electrolytic Capacitors (100uF) 
  • -10 LEDs 
  • -6 Diodes 
  • -30 Resistors
  • -2 Photoresistors 
  • -Temperature Sensor 
  • -Piezo Buzzer 
  • -Mini Pushbuttons 
  • -Switches and Relays 
  • -NPN Transistor 
  • -PIR Sensor 
  • -Pancake Vibration Motor 
  • -Micro Servo