3Doodler PLA Pack - Winter Wonderland

Greener Grass, Clearly Blue, Diamonds and Pearls, Basilica White, Snow White


Winter Wonderland is our favorite "season in a pack" (Just minus the cold!) Use Diamonds and Pearls to doodle yourself some shimmering winter snowflakes; Clearly Blue for all your festive Sapphire creations; a white building which remains pure and true all year round with Basilica White; use Greener Grass to doodle yourself an eternal four leaf clover; and Snow White for that perfect Winter Wonderland landscape! 


EAN 0 854401 005528
Manufacturer 3Doodler
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For every inch of plastic the 3Doodler creates 10 inches of Doodle.

Compatible with 3Doodler 2.0 and 3Doodler v.1.

Easier to peel off paper and stencils.

Create bendable art with ABS plastic.


10 inch straight-cut strands.

Available in a 25-strand pack.

ABS strands for your 3Doodler.

For best performance please set your 3Doodler to HIGH TEMP.