Deluxe STEM Bundle

Build coding and robotics expertise with the ultra-hands-on Deluxe STEM Bundle.


  • -Electrify maker education using the latest STEM tools 
  • -Lead the charge to mastering critical programming skills
  • -Facilitate early exposure to intuitive learning technologies
  • -Engage in activities that interactively mesh EdTech devices 
  • -Cultivate proficiencies kids will undoubtedly need in the future


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MaKey MaKey

MaKey MaKey is the coolest way to introduce kids to circuitry as it lets them turn any object they want into a fully-functioning computer interface. All it needs is a little bit of conductivity (and, thankfully, kids have plenty!) to complete the circuit and provide interactive and entertaining learning experiences! There's no better tool to encourage creativity and modern invention in today's STEAM classrooms!

Kano Computer Kit

The Kano Computer Kit is a fun, simple and powerful introduction to computer hardware and coding. Not only do kids get to use an innovative and cool looking computer, they'll build it from scratch themselves. Kano is the ultimate hands-on learning experience for any modern classroom and the best part is you can use it for the rest of the year after you build it!

EZ-Robot JD Humanoid

This friendly Humanoid robot features 16 amazingly simple snap-together servos (click-and-play components) that make learning about programming and robotics absolutely easy and completely customizable.

Bare Conductive Electric Paint Pen

Bare Paint allows kids to draw their own circuits and then bring them alive! It's your gateway to learning about electronics and circuitry in the most creative way imaginable! Kids of all ages can show their creative genius and construct projects never seen before.


Jamstik, the smart, Bluetooth-enabled guitar, combines modern-age technology with a love for learning to play the guitar! It wirelessly connects with your device and pairs with interactive apps so that anyone from beginners to musical pros can learn or retune their skills. Just grab your pick and you’ll definitely learn it quick...with Jamstik.

Raspberry Pi

The phrase Easy as Pi has never been so true! For makers, inventors or students who have a passion for simplifying complex work, designing cool projects or astounding their peers, nothing could be more perfect than the Raspberry Pi. Anything your desktop or laptop can do the Pi can do better – and it’ll fit in your pocket, making it a 21st century dream piece of technology.


*The new price is the price when purchasing this entire bundle. The regular price is the total if all products were purchased separately. 

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